New Semester Reset for High School Students

New Semester Reset for High School Students

It may be a new year, but high school students everywhere are stuck in the same cycle of COVID-19 uncertainty.

Following a year of hybrid or fully online learning, students spent fall semester trying to reacclimate to the rigors of a “regular” school day, with the threat of occasional quarantines looming at every turn. Many found their groove and adjusted accordingly, while others (understandably!) struggled to adapt to yet another “new normal.”

Now, with the latest major COVID-19 surge promising further upheaval, it’s important for students to take stock of where they’re at and determine what kind of support they might need to get back on their feet—academically, emotionally, and mentally.

Signs Your Student Needs Support

Getting to the root of an issue is key to finding the right solution—but it’s easier said than done! If you’re not sure where to start with your student, we recommend looking for basic signs that they’re having a tough time, such as:

  • Seeming to understand the material but performing poorly on tests
  • Working up to the last minute to complete assignments
  • Staying up too late and missing out on much-needed rest
  • Missing assignments or deadlines because they don’t realize the work is due
  • Struggling in a course requiring heavy memorization (e.g., biology, chemistry, history)
  • Exhibiting symptoms of anxiety or depression

The truth is that any of these signs could indicate an academic issue, a mental health concern, or both. But your family doesn’t have to make that determination—or come up with a solution—alone.

Getting Help for Your High School Student

At Signet Education, we care about the whole student and take a holistic approach to support families through the toughest academic and mental health challenges. From simple subject tutoring to comprehensive academic coaching, our wide range of services meets students where they’re at to help them overcome whatever difficulties they face.

As your student begins a new year, we invite you to call us at any time to talk through the concerns you may have so that together we can come up with a plan of action.

These types of problems rarely resolve on their own, and the start of the semester is the perfect time to issue the reset your student needs. So if you’re worried, start by sitting them down for an honest conversation. Let them know you’re on their side and that your goal is to support them however you can.

Rest assured that with the right tools at their disposal, your student can take on 2022 with confidence instead of trepidation. We’re here to help whenever you’re ready.

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