Academic Coaching

Signet’s academic coaching is based on the International Coaching Federation coaching method and our proprietary focus on the executive functions that most contribute to academic success. Our student-centered philosophy allows you to set and work towards goals that matter to you, giving you the tools and support you need to achieve greater success throughout school, life, and beyond.

Regardless of course or major, mastering key executive function and life skills are vital to long-term success. This involves mastering skills such as organization, time management, project planning, and effective studying. With Signet, it also includes increasing motivation, confidence, and self-advocacy. Coaching is student-led, which means we work with students to set goals that are meaningful to them, then co-create the plan for reaching those goals.

Signet’s unique approach to academic coaching gives students the tools and support needed to achieve greater success throughout school and life.
Discover and meet your full potential!



Your Signet coaching plan begins with a highly personalized and in-depth discovery session with the student (and parents, if the student is not yet an adult). In this intake session, we will:



Together, you and your coach will create a practical and positive plan to improve your process and outcomes. In these student one-on-one coaching sessions, we will:



Throughout the academic coaching sessions, your coach will help you implement changes so that you’ll painlessly build habits for long-term success. Your coach will:

honor roll

Angie made honor roll for the first time ever


Anuj gained self-confidence and organizational skills


Mac found his motivation and got re-engaged after taking a semester off.

“Signet Education not only helped guide me into a competitive college, but gave me the academic skill-set I needed in order to perform there at a really high level. Finding the “right” way to study in college can be a difficult task. The organizational tutors at Signet have given me the diverse skills to excel at studying, writing papers, and managing my time. I definitely wouldn’t be able to perform at my current level without their guidance. It is to them that I owe much of my success in and out of the classroom. ”


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