Your student has potential.

We can help them reach it. We partner with students with guidance to achieve their own goals with way less stress.

Little-known fact:

Being smart doesn’t make high school easier.

In today’s hyper-competitive academic climate, kids who struggle with anxiety, ADHD or other neurodiversity, as well as neurotypical kids find themselves underwater:

Always running behind.

Bleary-eyed from late-night cramming.

Struggling to stay focused.

And too stressed about all the things due tomorrow to even think about future plans like college.

It can feel impossible to change anything when it takes everything they've got to keep up.

 The solution is not “work harder.” 

What would really make a difference is your student getting to know themself, and learn how to best manage their own time, needs, and priorities, and making that habitual. But that’s exactly why families like yours — with high potential students aiming for selective colleges —hire coaches. 

Your Academic Coach is the outside perspective they need to stop the snowball of stress, and get ahead.

Meet Our Coaches

All of our coaches are trained in Signet’s proprietary method, as well as experts in specialties like standardized test prep, subject tutoring, and college admissions strategy. You’ll go through a matching process to get set up with a trained coach and academic expert who fits your child’s needs and personality. Once you’ve found the right one, we’ll figure out a custom schedule, with the right level of accountability your child needs to successfully adopt new habits.  


Everything we do is highly personalized and student-led. We guide and support your student to develop the Executive Functioning Skills to achieve their goals with less stress. This is the secret to our process ‘sticking’ with your child.

Our proprietary Signet Academic Success Method builds upon the International Coaching Federation’s Core Competencies — the gold standard in professional coaching, tailored specifically for academic success. 



Begin with an in-depth session to understand your child's strengths, challenges, and goals. Make sure everybody is on the same page as to what short-term and long-term success means to your child.


Plan for Success

Co-create a doable plan to improve your study and productivity process. Identify the skills and habits needed to meet academic goals with less straining and scrambling.


Stay On Track

Assess what’s working and not working for you without judgment. Have the on-going support your child needs to painlessly build habits that will serve you in high-school, college, and beyond.

What IS an Academic Coach?

Similar to a sports coach who helps you learn the rules of the game and improve your strength, agility, coordination, and performance, your child’s Academic Coach helps them build the skills and capabilities everyone needs to perform well in school with greater ease and confidence. But rather than working on behalf of a team, they are solely here for you: your goals, your priorities, and your challenges. Many of the world’s most powerful founders, executives, and performers have coaches working with them in a similar way, using similar methods, to overcome their challenges and become more effective and confident in achieving their goals. You’re being given a special opportunity to develop yourself at a young age, and gain skills and habits that can see you through college and beyond. 

Yes. While understanding that no two students are the same, many of our coaches have experience working with neurodiversity. Our coaching method helps you create self-aware systems to support your specific needs and challenges when it comes to academic performance. You will develop Executive Functioning Skills, which can be challenging for everyone but particularly those with learning differences. When you learn to support your Executive Functioning, things like time blindness (underestimating or overestimating how long things take), attention struggles, anxiety and depression, or organization and prioritization difficulties, will be less of an obstacle to achieving your goals. And in Academic Coaching, rather than being prescribed one-size-fits-all solutions, you’ll be treated as the expert in your own needs. You’ll walk away with greater confidence in your ability to learn, perform, and produce great work on time independently. 

Your coach is going to help you work smarter, not harder, and manage your time in a way where you feel ahead and prepared for school — not constantly squeezing in more studying and scrambling to keep up with deadlines. We’ll figure out the coaching rhythm that works best for you and your schedule, whether that’s a few super short check-ins every week, or one longer session once a week. And, part of this work will be to make sure you have time for things that refuel you — passion projects, downtime and the people you love. So in the end, investing this time in learning how to better prioritize and plan your life will actually make your weeks feel more spacious, less crunched. 

If you’ve heard scary stories about kids with high GPAs who aced all their AP tests, and still didn’t get into the schools they wanted — rest assured: that does not have to be you. This all comes down to the same issue: more hard work and higher scores doesn’t neatly equate to long term success. If you want to end up at a school you’re excited about, on a path that’s wise for your future career, you need a strategy rooted in self-awareness. You need to find out what’s going to make you authentically stand-out to great-fit schools you’ll be proud to attend, and focus on that. And that’s exactly what our Academic Coaches will help you do. Work with us, and we’ll get you on a path where you can rest assured that your hard work will be worth it. 

That’s completely normal. There are many reasons why students turn down the opportunity of professional support. At the end of the day, kids who don’t want to be in Academic Coaching usually don’t get much out of it, so we wouldn’t want to waste your time. However, we do have some advice for how to influence your kid without nagging them. Check out our Academic Wellness Implementation Guide for more on what you can do to get your kid to warm up to the idea professional coaching. 

Students who start Academic Coaching in the summer get a major advantage. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the previous year, figure out future goals, and begin adopting new routines and habits so you can start the school year with confidence and ease. Often it can be hard to bounce back from a vacation. We even see kids struggle with coming back from spring break. Going from zero structure to a full schedule is simply a shock to the system, whether you have a diagnosis of neurodiversity or not. So instead of waiting for the stress of next year to hit before you get support, get ahead of it now. Take this time to learn new skills for working smarter, not harder. Get to know yourself better. Figure out how to work with your strengths and challenges. It’s never too soon to start. 

“Signet Education not only helped guide me into a competitive college, but gave me the academic skill-set I needed in order to perform there at a really high level. Finding the “right” way to study in college can be a difficult task. The organizational tutors at Signet have given me the diverse skills to excel at studying, writing papers, and managing my time. I definitely wouldn’t be able to perform at my current level without their guidance. It is to them that I owe much of my success in and out of the classroom. ”


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