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Summer: The Time for College Applications

Summer is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time for students to get on track with college applications. Get Signet’s college application checklist.

Diagnostic ACT/SAT Tests: Why Do They Matter?

Is your student trying to choose between the SAT and the ACT? Find out why they should take diagnostic tests and how the process works.

State of Student Mental Health in the USA

Many teens are struggling right now and need all the support they can get. Discover strategies for improving mental health in high school.

How to Build a Stellar College List

How can students and their parents go about creating a stellar college list? Read Signet’s step-by-step guide.

6 Tips for Transforming a College Essay

The revising and editing stage of writing a college essay evolves a decent essay into a great one. Discover six guidelines to follow.

How Does the College Waitlist Work?

Being waitlisted puts students in a liminal space that can be excruciating to navigate—but there is hope. Discover what to do next.

Test Anxiety Management Tips for the Finals Season

Final exams are just around the corner, and for many students, test anxiety is rearing its ugly head. Discover 4 tips for managing test anxiety.

Fostering Independence in Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

How do you teach complex kids to become more independent? The change you want for your kids starts with you. Learn how to move forward in our latest blog.

Learning STEM: How to Succeed in Science and Math Classes

Does your student know what it takes to succeed in their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) classes? Discover key strategies for successful STEM learning.

Dos and Don’ts of College Recommendations

College recommendations can carry a tremendous amount of weight in a student’s application. Discover the dos and don’ts of recommendations in our latest blog

AP Exam Prep: 4 Study Tips for Students

If your student hasn’t begun preparing for the AP exams yet, now is the time! Discover 4 study tips for AP exam prep in today’s blog.

How to Stand Out in the College Admissions Crowd

How can students stand out in a highly competitive college admissions landscape? Discover our #1 secret to getting into college.

10 SAT and ACT Test Prep Tools and Resources

We pulled together a quick list of SAT and ACT test prep tools to help your student study smarter. Check it out!

How to Get the Most Out of Financial Aid for College

Want to know how to get the most out of aid for college—regardless of income? You have to know the rules to win the game. Learn the rules in today’s blog.

Managing and Mastering Your Reading Load

Managing a big reading load is challenging and time-consuming for many students. Discover helpful tips for prioritizing reading time more effectively.

Does My Student Need a Life Coach?

Does a freshman really have enough life experience to necessitate a life coach? Yes! Learn more about academic coaching—life coaching for teens.

When to Start Planning for College Admissions

Parents of college-bound students often ask us when they should start thinking about the college admissions process. It’s a great question—so let’s dive in! 

Is My Student Ready for Academic Coaching?

Today, we’ll debunk misconceptions about academic coaching and provide our expert opinions on what makes a student ready (or not) for this type of support. 

New Semester Reset for High School Students

Find out how to recalibrate and set your student up for a successful spring semester.

8 Study Tips for High School Finals

Learn Signet's proven method to master studying for final exams.

Self-Care Tips for Parents and High School Students

Explore our top recommendations to help families maintain physical, emotional, and mental health during the high school years.

Study Tips for the AP Calculus Exam

Discover the top tips for doing well on the AP Calculus exam—and key differences between the exam and an AP Calculus class.

What Does Test Optional Mean for My Junior?

Learn what test optional means and whether your student still needs to study for their standardized tests.

Making Sense of the PSAT Score Report

Learn how to interpret your student's PSAT scores to help them prepare for the SAT or ACT.

Does Your Teen Have an Academic Issue or a Mental Health Issue?

With so many changes in personal and intellectual development underway, students can find themselves fighting to keep their heads above water.

Dos and Don’ts of Talking to a High School Junior

High school juniors are inundated with questions about the future. Discover how to support your teen with the right questions and conversation starters.

The Best Way for Students to Ask Teachers for Help

Learn how your student can become an active learner, and the right way to ask a teacher for help in school.

SSAT Test Preparation for Private School

If your student plans to apply to a private high school, the SSAT needs to be on your radar. Learn more about how to effectively prep for this important exam.

Do Extracurriculars in High School Still Matter?

​Extracurriculars are one of several pieces that represent a student on their college application. Discover how high school extracurriculars are different in a pandemic world.

Is It Academic Aptitude or Attitude?

What if we told you a student's attitude was just as important as their aptitude? Discover how adjusting their attitude can help your student improve their relationship with school.

Early Action or Early Decision: Last-minute Help for Seniors

Does your student benefit from applying to college Early Action or Early Decision? Learn why applying early may—or may not—increase their chance of acceptance.

The True Value of a College Essay

In this blog post, you'll discover what the college essay is, why it matters, and what a good college essay can really do for students.

What to Do When Classes Are Too Hard

How students can navigate challenging courses—and what to do if a class is too hard to continue.

SAT & ACT: Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions about the SAT & ACT.

Checklist for Back-to-Remote-School Preparedness

Every student needs to be ready for a quick pivot back to online learning. Here's how to prepare for that transition as smoothly as possible.

How to Stay Out of the High School Whirlpool

Discover the dangers of the high school whirlpool—and what you and your student can do to avoid it for all four years.

How to Ace AP Classes—and the Exams, Too!

Discovery why AP classes matter, how to choose the right AP classes, and how to do well on AP exams.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About the SAT and ACT

Learn the top questions students ask about taking the SAT and ACT.

Is Your Freshman Ready for High School?

Becoming a high school freshman is a big deal. Learn what exactly students (and parents) should expect from freshman year and what students need to be successful for the next four years.

How the World of College Admissions Has Changed

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of higher education. Ask anyone who took the SAT or applied to colleges last year about their experience, and they'll tell you just how stressful it was.

5 Reasons to Take SAT and ACT Practice Tests

Junior fall is the ideal time for students to start standardized test preparation for the SAT and ACT. Discover why it all begins with taking a practice test.

Small Summer Goals That Lead to Big School Year Success

Learn how students can stay engaged in small but impactful ways without feeling too overwhelmed during their summer break.

How Healthy Executive Functions Set Students Up for Success

Strong executive function skills are a key indicator of academic success. Discover how students can improve their executive functions in this article.

Personal Statement Essay Prompts

The Common Application provides five prompts for your personal essay.

Students With Good Grades Need Help, Too

One of the most common misconceptions parents have about academic coaching is that it's only necessary for students who have poor grades. Discover why, sometimes, students with good grades need help, too.

Are Colleges Moving Away from Standardized Testing?

To many families, the SAT and ACT are practically synonymous with college admissions. But there are more than a few problems with the SAT and ACT. Learn about the issues with standardized testing and what colleges are doing about it.

Undergraduate College Admissions Results 2021

Since 2005, Signet has been dedicated to helping students get into their dream schools. See how our 2021 graduates fared with college admissions.

Undergraduate College Admissions Update 2021

Since 2005, Signet has been dedicated to helping students get into their dream schools. See how our 2021 graduates fared with college admissions.

How to Keep Your Student Engaged During a High School Summer

How should your student spend a high school summer? Learn how to navigate the line between kicking back for a much-needed rest and turning into a couch potato!

Ready, Prep, Go! 2021 — Reignite Your Student’s Academic Spark

Does your student need a little push to get back into a rigorous academic mindset before the fall? Join us for "Ready, Prep, Go!" an online summer course for ambitious prep schoolers.
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