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When to Start Planning for College Admissions

Parents of college-bound students often ask us when they should start thinking about the college admissions process. It’s a great question—so let’s dive in! 

Is My Student Ready for Academic Coaching?

Today, we’ll debunk misconceptions about academic coaching and provide our expert opinions on what makes a student ready (or not) for this type of support. 

Does Your Teen Have an Academic Issue or a Mental Health Issue?

With so many changes in personal and intellectual development underway, students can find themselves fighting to keep their heads above water.

Is Your Freshman Ready for High School?

Becoming a high school freshman is a big deal. Learn what exactly students (and parents) should expect from freshman year and what students need to be successful for the next four years.

How the World of College Admissions Has Changed

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of higher education. Ask anyone who took the SAT or applied to colleges last year about their experience, and they'll tell you just how stressful it was.

5 Reasons to Take SAT and ACT Practice Tests

Junior fall is the ideal time for students to start standardized test preparation for the SAT and ACT. Discover why it all begins with taking a practice test.

Small Summer Goals That Lead to Big School Year Success

Learn how students can stay engaged in small but impactful ways without feeling too overwhelmed during their summer break.

How Healthy Executive Functions Set Students Up for Success

Strong executive function skills are a key indicator of academic success. Discover how students can improve their executive functions in this article.

Students With Good Grades Need Help, Too

One of the most common misconceptions parents have about academic coaching is that it's only necessary for students who have poor grades. Discover why, sometimes, students with good grades need help, too.

Are Colleges Moving Away from Standardized Testing?

To many families, the SAT and ACT are practically synonymous with college admissions. But there are more than a few problems with the SAT and ACT. Learn about the issues with standardized testing and what colleges are doing about it.

Undergraduate College Admissions Update 2021

Since 2005, Signet has been dedicated to helping students get into their dream schools. See how our 2021 graduates fared with college admissions.

How to Keep Your Student Engaged During a High School Summer

How should your student spend a high school summer? Learn how to navigate the line between kicking back for a much-needed rest and turning into a couch potato!

Ready, Prep, Go! 2021 — Reignite Your Student’s Academic Spark

Does your student need a little push to get back into a rigorous academic mindset before the fall? Join us for "Ready, Prep, Go!" an online summer course for ambitious prep schoolers.

Admissions Consulting and School Counseling Go Hand in Hand

Learn why a private admissions counselor can complement a student's relationship with their in-school guidance counselor.

Countdown to Summer: How to Make the Most of the End of the Semester

See how your student can finish the school year strong as we head into the end of the spring semester.

What’s a Good SAT or ACT Score?

Learn how to help your student evaluate scoring on the SAT or ACT.

How to Help Your High School Student Manage Their Time

Learn how to help your high school student stay focused, reduce stress, and be more efficient as they make their way back to the classroom.

What Should I Do With All This College Mail?

Discover what high schoolers should really do with all that college marketing material.

How Academic Coaching Improves Executive Function Skills

Is your student struggling with managing their time, staying organized, and keeping track of assignments? Learn how academic coaching can help improve these key skills.

Overcome Freshman Fatigue with the Help of a Tutor

Learn how a tutor can help your 9th grader stop slogging through their subjects.

How to Study for the SAT or ACT in Just Eight Weeks

Learn how your student can prepare for their standardized tests in two months or less.

The Current Reality of College Visits

With the end of the pandemic in sight, learn what the "new normal" of college visits will look like.

Considering a COVID-19 Gap Year Before College?

Discover why students are taking a COVID-19 gap year and whether a gap year may be the right choice for your student.

College Study Skills to Master During High School

Learn why every successful college student needs a great set of study skills that they can implement independently.

The Top 7 Study Tips for High Schoolers

Great students don't study the way everyone else does. So what's their secret?

How Much Do Challenging Courses Matter for College Admissions?

Learn why not every "A" is created equal. A student's GPA counts, but the difficulty or strength of their curriculum matters just as much.

Is Your Student Ready for the 2021 AP exams? Start Test Prep

Is your student ready for AP exams? These subject-specific tests won't be administered until May and June, but the time to start studying is now! Here's how.

What Should I Wear to My College Interview? And Four Other Tips to Prepare for College Interviews

By preparing ahead of time and making smart choices about how to present yourself, you can make it easy for an admissions officer to see you as a positive addition to their campus!

8 Secrets to Studying Spanish

If your student is struggling in Spanish class or just wants to have a better language-learning experience, we've got you covered. Here are our secret weapons for studying Spanish (and other languages too!)

SAT Subject Tests Are Cancelled. What Should You Do Now?

SAT Subject Tests have been discontinued. What does that mean for juniors navigating the college admissions process? Here's what you need to know.

What Kinds of College Interviews Are There?

Do you remember your first job interview? Multiply the anxiety you felt then by ten, and you've got a sense of how your student is probably feeling about the prospect of their first college interview.

5 Tips for Successful College Applications

Learn what your junior can do to start the college application process off right.

Semester Reflection and a Reset for Future Success

Reflection is essential for growth. We're reflecting and growing all the time, whether we realize it or not.

College Admissions Advice for Sophomores

When it comes to college admissions, sophomore year is really about establishing the kind of student—and person—your child wants to become.

Junior College Admissions Jumpstart

Is it too early for juniors to start thinking about college admissions?

How Should Your Student Study for SAT Subject Tests (SAT STs)?

If your student needs to take the SAT Subject Tests, you'll want to encourage them to establish a test prep plan. Given the different nature of each exam, your student's prep will need to be dynamic. But here are some general best practices for SAT Subject Test prep:

10 Tips for Acing Exams & Enjoying Winter Break

5 tips to help students study for their finals and 5 tips to help them get the most out of winter break.

What’s a Principal Tutor and What Makes Them Special?

Signet has something most other tutoring companies don't have: a group of principal tutors who work with students full-time.

How Often Should You Take Breaks When Studying?


Helping Your Freshman Adjust to High School

Is high school harder than your student thought it would be?

Is Your Junior’s Test Prep On Track?

Test prep takes some effort, but it could give your student a leg up at their dream school. And that's worth a little extra studying.

Five Tips to Help Students with Their STEM Classes

STEM learning is different from other subjects in a traditional high school curriculum. So STEM classes can create unique challenges for students. You can help.

Need to Finish College Applications Quickly?

A turkey hangover is nothing compared to the headache of finishing last-minute college applications.

Write Your Perfect College Essay: A Video Guide

Any student can learn how to write a great college essay. In this video we share Signet's tips for a stress-free essay process. Watch and learn.

Is Your Student in for an October Surprise?

Midterms are on the horizon, but there's still time to make sure your student's semester stays on course.

6 Ways to Sharpen Your Student’s Algebra Skills

Help your student master algebra and build a foundation for mathematic success.

A Student’s Guide to Strategic Organization

Work smarter, not harder. We present practical protocols and functional tools to help you refine your time management and organizational skills.

Signet’s Guide to Extracurriculars

Pursuing extracurricular activities serves a more important role than simply impressing colleges. Students can participate in extracurriculars to engage with the world in a meaningful way and to forge a path towards a fulfilling and intentional life.

How to Make Sense of the PSAT Score Report

The PSAT is a great indicator for SAT performance. Here's how to interpret your PSAT results, along with our recommendations for next steps.
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