Signet Education’s Values

Signet Education is a values-driven company.

While there are many values that are important to us—like honesty, integrity, hard work, and commitment—we’ve identified four specific values that embody Signet:

Care deeply. Great education begins with caring. We make a daily commitment to do good work for our students, their families, and our colleagues, and care deeply about everything from academic success to holistic well-being.

Be on the ball. Participating in our students’ educations is a privilege. Tutoring is high-stakes, and each student deserves attention and care. We are responsive, prepared, and adaptable in supporting our students, their families, and our colleagues through any challenge they may face.

Inspire confidence. Confidence is a cornerstone of academic success. By being knowledgeable, methodical, and reliable, we earn and build the confidence of our students, their families, and our colleagues.

Teach students, not subjects. We care about the whole student, not just their grades. We endeavor to understand students as people with goals, fears, hopes, and dreams, and to shape our teaching to fit each individual’s needs.

These values aren’t just a pretty poster in our entryway: we live them every day. In our office, we hire, fire, and make hard decisions based on our values. In tutoring, these values guide every step of our pedagogy and interpersonal engagement, from the first phone call to the last session. In partnering with clients, we seek those who share our values and allow us to express them through our work.

Most of all, we love these values because they help us stay focused on our goal: to be the best academic partner possible for our students and their families.

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Picture of Jay B.

Jay B.

Jay Bacrania is the CEO of Signet Education. As a high schooler, Jay won awards for chemistry at the state level in his home state of Florida, and at Harvard, he initially studied physics. After graduating, Jay spent two years studying jazz trumpet at the Berklee College of Music.

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