Why Signet?

One of the biggest stressors in a parent’s life is worrying about their kids. And when a student struggles in school, it hits a parent right in the gut.

Welcome to Signet Education. We’re so glad you’re here.

If you’ve come to us, it’s because you want to give your kids every opportunity to succeed. Right now, there is something standing in the way of that – they might be struggling in a tough class, running out of time in their day to get everything done, or lacking in discipline or motivation. Or maybe there’s a challenge on the horizon, like the SAT or college applications. You might be so mired in your student’s current struggles that you haven’t even had a chance to look, let alone plan, ahead.

The Signet Promise

We are confident that at least one of our many tutors will suit your exact needs. If you don’t think your tutor is a good fit, you won’t be charged for the session and work to find a better match. Throughout the engagement, we will work closely with you and your tutor to ensure your satisfaction, from start to finish.

Pathfinding: More than just tutoring

What we do is so much more than just tutoring. We call it pathfinding.

We will pair your student with a talented and professional academic mentor in whatever flavor they happen to need – biology, test prep, college essays, study skills, etc. What’s more, we can help you be an academic super-parent – have all the right info, at the right time, from people you can trust.

We believe education can be a powerful, transformational tool in a student’s life, and we’d love the opportunity to talk to you about how we can aid you in empowering your student to explore their passions, build lifelong learning skills, and find meaning and growth through their educational journey.

“We contacted Signet when our son needed occasional help in advanced mathematics. He has described his tutor as the most talented math teacher with whom he has ever worked. My son has told me that his tutor has a way of asking clear questions that get him to think about a problem differently and help him to understand complicated concepts.”


The Signet Method

Signet’s unique approach to academic coaching gives students the tools and support
needed to achieve greater success throughout school and life.
Discover and meet your full potential!



In your first meeting, your Signet educator will ask about your goals, current challenges, and past experiences to formulate an approach just for you.



Together, you and your Signet educator will create a practical and positive plan to improve your process and outcomes.



Your Signet educator will tailor instruction to you and stick with you until you have the confidence and skill to work on your own. Along the way, your Signet educator will continually adjust your study plan as your skills evolve, offering creative, engaging, and effective ways of achieving your goals.

Build relationships that inspire growth.
We enable personal and academic growth for high school and college students through one-on-one mentorship and a unique Pathfinder approach.

Core Values

Care deeply.

Great education begins with caring. We care deeply about our students’ and families’ holistic well-being as well as their academic successes. We make a daily commitment to do good work for our students, families, and colleagues.


We work collectively to meet the needs of our families, and we partner with students and parents to achieve goals and solve problems. We strive to be open-minded and open-hearted.


Growth is at the heart of everything we do at Signet. A growth mindset makes goals more achievable and creates a more fulfilling academic experience for students. As colleagues, we encourage each other to grow personally and professionally, and we are always pursuing ways to improve our business.

Inspire confidence.

Confidence is a cornerstone of academic success. By being knowledgeable, methodical, and reliable, we build and earn the confidence of our students, families, and colleagues.

Teach students, not subjects.

We care about the whole student, not just their academic performance. We endeavor to understand students as people with goals, fears, hopes, and dreams, and to shape our teaching to fit each student’s needs.

For a taste of the expert guidance you'll get with Signet, contact us.