Foreign Languages Tutoring

Signet tutors strive to make foreign languages come alive by using multiple strategies to improve your comprehension, speaking abilities, and knowledge of grammatical rules.
Instead of making you memorize charts and vocabulary, Signet’s foreign language tutors help you master your language by getting you to internalize important rules and words through role play, conversations, films, and songs. The result: you have more success learning the material, retain it longer, and, we hope, enjoy yourself along the way. Our tutors are very familiar with the common standardized tests listed below, as well as accents, cultural conventions, and associated literatures. They can help you to master your subjects, classes, and other exams that determine college course placement and credit.

We select Signet tutors in foreign languages from among those who hold doctorate and master’s degrees, PhD candidates, native speakers, and experienced language teachers.

Signet’s foreign language tutors have demonstrated their linguistic prowess by completing advanced coursework while living and studying abroad. As with all subjects, we screen candidates for the depth of their expertise and then hire tutors based on their proven ability as teachers.

Amadine F.

Eliza H.

Rebecca B.

Language Tutoring

  • Arabic
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • French
  • Greek
  • Latin
  • Spanish
  • Russian

Foreign Language Standardized Test Tutoring

  • AP French
  • AP Latin
  • AP Spanish Language
  • AP Spanish Literature
  • IB Arabic
  • IB French
  • IB Greek
  • IB Latin
  • IB Spanish
  • IB Russian

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