Rebecca B.

Rebecca has been working for Signet since 2011 and has been tutoring for over a decade. She specializes in Latin, ancient Greek, and English. She has a degree in Classics from Georgetown University, attended the University of Oxford on a Lionel Pearson Fellowship,and completed her PhD in Classics at Harvard University in 2015.

Rebecca B. stands out because:

  • She works at Harvard as an Instructional Technologist.
  • She has taught Latin and ancient Greek to Harvard undergraduates as well as to high school students.
  • She loves sewing, knitting, generally crafting, and teaching others to sew as well.

Clients and students love Rebecca B. because:

  • She is kind, compassionate, methodical and organized.

Areas of Specialty

Subject Tutoring

“Rebecca has always been able to meet B. where he is in a particular moment or situation with his Latin. B. gets a great deal out of his time with her. She’s always professional and our interactions with her are a pleasure.”

- recent client