Parent Services

Since the day they were born, you’ve had two things on your mind.  You want to make the most of every moment you have them, and you want to set them up for their greatest possibilities. 

Now that they’re suddenly in high school, those moments seem more precious than ever, and simultaneously, their future is peeking just around the corner, creating difficult conversations and requiring more time than you have to give.

Your two deepest desires – your relationship with them and their relationship with their future – seem to be at constant odds.

This is where we can help.

In that time, we’ve learned how to approach future-focused conversations with teens and their parents while preserving their relationship with one another. 

All the research you see looming in front of you? We’ve already done it.  Strategies to help you know whether, when, and how to push your kid?  We’ve got them.

Our experts will make you an expert in things like:

  • The college process and timeline

  • How to navigate SAT vs ACT vs Test Optional and when to start

  • How to build a college list and when to visit colleges

  • How to build an awareness of how they spend their time, so they can start to manage it better

  • How to navigate perfectionism and procrastination

  • How to plan backwards from big tests and assignments, so they can work in smaller bursts instead of pulling all-nighters

And we’ll help you know how to:

  • Be aware of the important things so you don’t miss anything

  • Tactfully keep things on track.

  • Engage your student in the process.

  • Help your student develop their strengths and interests.

  • Utilize other resources, tools and things to consider.

  • Avoid stress around academics.

  • Know when it is time to push your student into action.

Your desire to enjoy your relationship with them and your desire to offer them their greatest future opportunities no longer have to be mutually exclusive.  

Let us take on the tough stuff so you can get back to enjoying time with your child.

We’re ready to help. Book a free consultation today.