The Top College Admission Program for High Potential Students

Signet’s one-of-a-kind approach blends comprehensive college admissions support, academic coaching, and executive function training, tailored to your high potential student.

The Signet Method

The journey to college is also the foundation for young adulthood. And it starts now. Whether at the beginning of high school or near the end, we help your teen find the college that fits who they truly are, and give them skills to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Strategy for Success

We formulate a practical and positive approach based on your goals and challenges.

Tailored Guidance

We tailor instruction to build confidence and skill, while continually adjusting as your skills evolve, with creative, engaging, and effective ways of achieving your goals.


Continued Achievement

We support the student and family through the admissions process and onto your objectives.

Academic Coaching

Meet Signet Education's Ivy League Team of College Admissions Advisors, Tutors & Academic Coaches



years in Business


of our students get into one of their top school choices


of our educators hold a Master's or PhD


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Academic Coaching

Signet clients learn to study smarter, work with any learning challenges, and manage their time. School gets much easier.

Standardized Testing

Colleges today focus on a holistic approach to admission, meaning test scores are only going to be one of the many cogs in the wheel.

Teach Students, Not Subjects

Live Expert Webinars

Does your student rely on you to stay on top of everything? If you’re tired of nagging, learn how we help your kid achieve more.

Colleges want to admit students who can handle challenging classes and demanding professors who expect a lot from students. Let's help them become ready to get into college and succeed.

Your high school guidance counselor may not help your kid get into college. Learn why in this video:

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