Does My Student Need a Life Coach?

Adjusting to the demands of high school is a significant challenge for many freshmen. High school is a time of immense personal and intellectual development, and some students struggle to embrace their newfound independence. 

Parents inevitably wonder if their young teenagers could use outside support to ease the adjustment. In many cases, they’re familiar with life coaches but unsure if their kids would benefit from this type of engagement. After all, does a freshman really have enough life experience to necessitate a life coach? 

The short answer is—yes! As a matter of fact, there’s an entire service rooted in the methodology of life coaching that’s explicitly designed for high school students. We call it academic coaching

What Is Academic Coaching? 

Academic coaching sits at the crossroads of tutoring and psychotherapy. It’s focused on school and academic performance, but it’s more holistic than that. In addition to improving study habits and general executive function skills, academic coaches help students learn to deal with tricky and uncomfortable emotions like fear, insecurity, and uncertainty.

Academic coaches leverage the principles of life coaching to examine a student’s challenges in the context of their whole life, asking important “why” questions to help them make critical connections they can’t easily make on their own. Students gain the skills to reflect and recognize that they can solve their problems autonomously—and they carry these skills with them for the rest of their lives. 

Could Your Student Benefit from Academic Coaching? 

Wondering if your student could benefit from academic coaching? Here are some common areas where students often need help: 

  • Gaps between potential and performance 
  • High stress levels pertaining to schoolwork
  • Poor time management 
  • Ineffective study habits
  • Concentration issues 
  • Turning work in late 
  • Low motivation 
  • Lack of consistency 
  • Learning differences 
  • General academic well-being

At Signet, our academic coaching combines the
International Coaching Federation coaching method with a signature focus on the executive functions that are most critical to academic success. Our philosophy is student-centered, allowing the teens we work with to set and accomplish goals that are meaningful to them. 

The way we see it, adults shouldn’t be the only ones fortunate enough to reap the benefits of life coaching! Students deserve to gain the motivation, confidence, and self-advocacy skills required to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. 

We invite you to learn more about Signet’s academic coaching services or contact us today to start a conversation

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