Coaching: How to achieve an academic turnaround


In this complex day and age for high schoolers, even adept and highly intelligent students struggle with time management, organization, and keeping track of homework and tasks.

These foundational challenges keep students from the success you know they are capable of attaining. 

 “After years of struggling to keep up, within a few months of working with Liz, E now has straight A’s on top playing two sports, and she consistently submits assignments on time — using a planner on a daily basis!”

Stories like this can only happen with a strategy tailored for your student, and a perfect-fit tutor for the challenges at hand. 


Executive functions

Executive functions—the set of cognitive processes that help people get things done—are so critical to academic success that improving them is a primary focus of Signet’s academic coaching services. 

Academic coaching can help students with executive function challenges improve their time management, reduce distractions to enhance focus, organize papers and due dates, overcome procrastination, build memory skills, and so much more. 


Get – and Stay – Organized! 

The ability to be organized is a vital part of academic success—right up there with getting good grades. With such demanding schedules and pressures to perform well, students simply cannot afford to be anything less than well-organized. 

And here’s a little secret for you. . . anyone can learn to be organized. 

Students all have different tendencies when it comes to organization, but the fact is that organization is a 100% trainable skill. Anyone can improve their organization with the right tools, helpful resources like academic coaches, and consistent practice.

How, when, and why to use a planner is part of our coaching process. 

How to know if your student would excel with coaching:

  • You have a promising student that you don’t feel exhibits at their full potential
  • They need help building confidence
  • Mastering content doesn’t come as easily as they wish
  • Overcoming test anxiety is a priority


Coaching will help your student learn to: 

  • Advocate for themselves
  • Get organized
  • Manage their time


Meet Liz, one of Signet’s superstars.


One of Signet Education’s senior coaches, Liz, is a Swiss-Army knife mentor who empowers students to meet their potential. Her coaching clients rave about the transformations they’ve seen in their kids. 

We invite you to book a complimentary parent session to learn why your student is struggling, and how an expert like Liz can help. 

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