Liz M.

Liz has been working at Signet since 2013. She covers a wide variety of subjects but especially loves test prep and coaching. She’s worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters for 10 years, and graduated from Bentley University with her Bachelor’s in Marketing and an MBA.

Liz M. stands out because:

  • She is one of Signet’s Principal Tutors – tutoring is her only job!
  • She loves kickboxing, rock climbing, poker, 3D printing, and photography.
  • She is a certified mindfulness coach.

Clients and students love Liz M. because:

  • She is exciting, artsy, and quirky.
  • She is a great cheerleader who loves celebrating her students’ wins.

Areas of Specialty

Academic Coaching

Test Prep

“Liz has been a great match for A. She has quickly understood A’s learning style and provided guidance accordingly that has allowed A to rapidly climb back up the curve on some items that she fell behind in during the pandemic. The result is both tangible on paper as well as with A’s confidence level. She is excited to hit the ground running with 8th grade. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you for everything thus far.”

- Recent Client