Academic Excellence Without Burnout

Help your kid develop the executive functions that colleges need to see in your child – without nagging or ruining the relationship.


Most adults I know have brushed up against burnout. Including me. 

On the other side of it, we realize we have a lot to unlearn. Lessons we inherited from our parents and culture. Those lessons become habits. Burning the candle at both ends. Relying on a sense of urgency to motivate action. Being hyper-vigilant perfectionists. Neglecting our bodies and wellbeing. 

Of course we wouldn’t want our kids to learn any of that. 

And yet, many of them are. 

I meet so many high-achieving kids who are quietly on the path to burnout. 

Their parents may not even see a problem. After all, their report cards are good. 

They figure it’s normal for high-schoolers:

  • Frequently crunched for time
  • Bleary-eyed from staying up late studying or finishing a paper 
  • Too busy to talk about long term goals (like college)
  • Letting certain things slip through the cracks, and brushing it off 
  • Irritable when asked for help or interrupted from their work 

And while this is all too common, it doesn’t have to be this way. 


A little stress is part of life, but academic excellence shouldn’t come at the cost of your child’s wellbeing. 

Plus, consider this: if your kid is sweating and scrambling to perform at this level while they’re still living at home and going to high school, how will they fare when they’re in college or managing a career? 

And it’s not your kid’s fault. It’s not that they aren’t smart or hard-working enough. 

The problem is, schools aren’t teaching kids the most important skill-set of them all: Executive Function Skills. 


Executive Function Skills and Your Child

Some people are born with strong Executive Functions. Others have to work to accommodate a challenge. 

But most people fall somewhere in between. And nearly everyone can benefit from consciously developing these skills — especially while they’re young and their habits are still forming. 

Because excelling at school isn’t just about doing the most studying.

It’s about knowing HOW to study effectively. 

It’s not just about paying attention.

It’s about knowing how to take useful notes. 

And it’s not simply a matter of writing smart papers and handing them in on time.

It’s about managing your time to reliably execute on a process, so you don’t have to fry your nervous system to complete every important assignment or ace every exam. 

The ability to plan and provide for your own success is arguably more important than being smart. 

And not having reliable routines and systems is why so many smart kids end up flailing.

Colleges know this. That’s why Executive Functioning is one of the top things they look for in an applicant.  

Above all they want to admit students who will succeed. And they know that in order to succeed on campus, kids need to be able to manage themselves without their parents’ help. To organize and prioritize their workloads, adapt to new challenges, advocate for themselves, and take care of their needs independently. 

So whether your kid relies on you to stay on top of everything, and you’re tired of nagging — or you see them quietly overworking themselves and wish they could achieve their goals with less strain and stress, we’re here to help. 


Academic Coaching

Developing your kid’s Executive Functioning is what our Academic Coaches do best. They get your kid in the swing of performing at a high-level without burning out, pulling all-nighters, or having things slip through the cracks.

We’ll match your teen with the best coach for their personality, needs, and interests. And we’ll help them develop their Executive Functioning Skills in a customized, organic way that builds their confidence and leverages their strengths. 

If you’re not sure how to bring this up with them, fear not. 

It all starts with a free consultation where we’ll talk about your needs and goals, and advise you on next steps. 


Find out more about how we help your kid achieve more while sweating less.

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