Freddy L.

Freddy has been working at Signet since 2017 and has logged 1,000+ hours of tutoring time with our students (that’s a lot!). He specializes in academic coaching and Spanish. Freddy graduated from St. Michael’s College with a BA in Spanish.

Freddy L. stands out because:

  • He is one of Signet’s Principal Tutors – tutoring is his only job!
  • He is Signet’s most experienced academic coach.
  • He loves coffee, video games, and music.
  • He has worked as a residential counselor for Spectrum Youth & Family Services in Burlington, VT, a transitional housing program for local homeless youth.

Clients and students love Freddy L. because:

  • He is relatable, approachable, funny, and empathetic.
  • He is straightforward and “cool,” and he can hold students accountable without being a downer.
  • He often supports students with the most complex needs and doesn’t shy away from their challenges.

Areas of Specialty

Academic Coaching

Subject Tutoring

“S especially appreciates Freddy’s personality and that he is very accepting. There’s no feeling of being judged at all. It also helped him to get on more of a schedule and be more accountable. Also, it has helped S realise that what he probably needs more is a therapist; working with Freddy has helped him start to differentiate what might be more of mental/behavioral health issues vs. academic issues.”

- Recent Client