Andrew F.

Andy has worked at Signet since 2018 and has tutored and taught for over a decade. He specializes in test prep, coaching, and humanities. He received his BA in Music from Princeton University and his PhD in Music Theory from Harvard.

Andrew F. stands out because:

  • He loves decoding tests, especially grammar sections, with students.
  • He has taught at Harvard for 10 years as Lecturer, Head Teaching Fellow, Independent Study Advisor, and Summer School Instructor. He has also been a Lecturer at Boston College and Brandeis.
  • He has worked in an Italian restaurant as a pasta maker and on an organic, horse-powered farm.
  • He loves music, philosophy, tennis, and guitar.

Clients and students love Andrew F. because:

  • He is calm, patient, and witty.
  • He is empathetic, warm, and encouraging.

Areas of Specialty

Academic Coaching

Admissions Consulting
Admissions Writing

Subject Tutoring
Expository Writing
Music Theory
Creative Writing

Test Prep

“Andy, we are so grateful that you have room for R! Honestly, you are the best tutor we have had, and R really appreciates that you customize to her learning style.”

- Recent Client