Summer’s Here: Does Your Student Have a Plan?

After an unceremonious end to the school year, summer has finally arrived.

Between online courses and stay at home orders, your family may not have had much bandwidth for putting together a great plan for summer activities. Many of the usual options, such as camps, internships, and summer programs, have been canceled or modified. You know your student needs some activities to keep them engaged and keep their brain sharp, but you’re feeling overwhelmed.

We’re combed through our archives to gather all the best summer content in one easy-to-reference place. So if you’re still trying to figure out what your student can do this summer, check out these resources for plenty of ideas and tips. With a little creativity, you can adapt many of these ideas as needed for social distancing!

The key concept you’ll see over and over again is that summer should contain some (but not too much) unstructured time for rest and relaxation; it should also contain some (but not too much) time dedicated to structured activities, projects, and pursuits.

Check out these resources, and if you have questions about your student’s unique situation, give us a call at 617-714-5262!

Signet’s Guide to Summer Planning

What Should Students Do About Summer?

Last-Minute Summer Planning

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Jay B.

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