The Ultimate Guide to Summer Planning Course

signet's guide to summer planning course




Parents know that summer activity planning is important for college admissions. But don’t stress – with the right steps and timely planning, you can make the most of how your teen invests their time in the summer, and strategically choose the right thing for them!

Signet Education’s 40-minute Summer Planning course gives you a plan and a path:

  • How summer can actually impact college candidacy – in realistic terms!
  • What counts as a summer activity, and how to choose between them?
  • When do you start planning?
  • How do you find or create these opportunities?
  • How to integrate how your child spends their summer into their extracurricular portfolio and whole college profile.

Module by module, Sheila Akbar, PhD, guide to hundreds of families across the U.S. and internationally, moves you expediently to summer planning clarity.

Access this course with introductory pricing of only $49 (valued at $400).

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