The Time is Now and Pathfinder is the How

The time is Now. Pathfinder is the How.

You know the feeling – the panic. 


That sudden “BACK TO SCHOOL SALE” banner that catches your eye or the familiar commercial while you’re listening to your favorite podcast. And suddenly, your heart’s racing just a bit faster.  “ALREADY?!”

It’s a stark reminder that time waits for no one. And in the hustle of adulting, it’s easy to find ourselves always a step behind.


But think about this: What if you could help your teen be a step ahead instead?


Your teen’s college journey starts earlier than you think.

Believe it or not, the groundwork for your child’s college journey begins long before senior year. 

Soon enough, they’ll be sifting through college brochures, pondering majors, writing admission essays, and making decisions that shape their future. 

The steps you take today will shape whether they face those moments in a scramble of uncertainty and stress or in the calm of confidence and preparedness.


And the time to start? That would be now.

Your child isn’t going to wake up the first day of senior year and magically know who they want to become.  It takes intentional, efficient, purposeful steps at a healthy pace to unveil their interests, passions, and ambitions.


Introducing PATHFINDER – Signet’s bespoke solution tailored for your rising high schooler. 

If you have a child stepping into 9th or 10th grade, this is their opportune moment.

You might wonder, “Isn’t it too early to burden them with college thoughts?”  We get it. In fact, preserving the lighthearted joy of these early years is deeply important to us, too. 

We’re not here to rush them out of their childhood. By being proactive, we can ensure every decision is thought-out and every step deliberate without the crushing pressure in the later years. This isn’t about hastening the process, but about making the entire journey efficient and meaningful.

Too often, we encounter stressed upperclassmen chasing their dreams at a frantic pace and feeling they’re out of time to reach them.


Let’s change that narrative for your teen.


With the Pathfinder Program, we’re offering an edge – that coveted “one-step-ahead” advantage. 

Our methodology? We don’t just guide your child to academic heights. We facilitate a journey of self-discovery and growth through monthly coaching meetings, quarterly family planning sessions, personalized, effective strategies developed by a team dedicated to your success, and so much more.

So, as the new school year approaches, don’t let the rush overwhelm you. 


Let’s take this journey together. We’re here to champion both you and your teen through the thrilling chapters ahead.

Let’s go!

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