Signet’s Tutor Requirements: Values & Personality Are Key!

Signet's Tutor Requirements Values & Personality Are Key!

When a student chooses to work with Signet, we commit to making their experience as enjoyable and effective as possible.

Forming strong bonds between families and their tutors, consultants, and coaches is critical to having a great experience. That is why personality and values are a crucial consideration when we interview a new tutor for our staff! We want our students to work with people who are more than just accomplished academics—we seek effective educators, inspiring mentors, and fun personalities.

As part of the interview process, we compare an applicant against Signet’s four core values to see how they match up. Before even evaluating their teaching and subject knowledge, we want to know that the people we bring onto our team are engaging and driven by the things our clients will benefit most from. By selecting values-driven tutors, we can give students academic partners who can support them in many aspects of their high-school journeys.

Care Deeply: Students will do best when they feel cared about. Any tutor that we hire must care about their students as people first. Students get better results if the person they meet is warm, engaged and dedicated to helping them. For our students and families, being cared about means being listened to, validated, and taken seriously. When caring deeply is established, it creates a foundation of trust in the tutoring relationship.

Be On the Ball: Tutoring is high stakes—students and parents put full faith in us to help them through their academic challenges. We don’t take any risks by bringing on a tutor who isn’t on the ball! A great tutor is prepared, punctual, and aware of their students’ needs at all times. For many students, the academic hurdles they face may have a big impact on their future. Signet intentionally seeks out tutors who can take on the responsibility of showing up for their students with skill and conscientiousness.

Inspire Confidence: A student needs a tutor who can make them feel confident. When students have confidence in themselves and in their tutors, it creates room for everyone to grow, take risks, and push the boundaries of what they are capable of achieving. In interviews, we assess a tutor’s ability to build a student up, carry them through difficulties, and navigate their emotional needs. Students will benefit from a responsible, professional tutor who they can trust completely.

Teach Students, Not Subjects: Grades, test scores, and even college acceptance letters are part of the academic process. However, we see our students as complex, multi-faceted people. With the right tutor, a student can walk away from the tutoring experience with more than a higher GPA. They can grow with a true mentor and role model! In our tutors, we look for people who can not only help students improve their academic record but also help students develop as human beings. This allows for a richer, more fulfilling experience for our students, both in the tutoring relationship and, hopefully, in the rest of their lives as well.

When meeting a prospective tutor for the first time, the bar for meeting our expectations is high!

No matter how impressive a person’s background or pedigree may be, Signet knows that finding tutors with values is top priority. A values-driven tutor will give students the most positive experience and the best results on their high-school journey.

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Picture of Andrea W.

Andrea W.

Andrea is Signet's Director of Operations and one of our top academic coaches. In her administrative role, Andrea makes sure Signet always runs smoothly and is a fun and productive place for all of our employees. When she works as a coach, she takes a student-driven approach to encourage introspection and reflection.

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