Parents of 11th Graders: Become an Expert in Your Child’s Pivotal Year

Admissions Bootcamp

You glance at your child, hunched over textbooks and a glowing laptop, stress lines already forming on their young face. They’ve pulled away, cocooning themselves in a whirlwind of academics, test prep, and extracurriculars. You want to help but feel disconnected, perhaps even rejected. You’re not just missing out on their life; you’re missing opportunities to guide them through one of the most defining years they’ll face. 

The question is, how well do you really know what your 11th grader is going through?


Enter the 11th Grade Parents Admissions Bootcamp. The Bootcamp includes immersive activities centered around the A.C.E. (Academics, Character, and Engagement) designed to put you in your child’s shoes. The goal? To ignite meaningful conversations and break down the emotional barriers that may have crept in. This isn’t just an academic exercise—it’s a unique opportunity for you to align yourself with your child, reestablishing a connection that may have frayed under the weight of impending adulthood.



The world tells your child that 11th grade is the make-or-break year for college admissions. The pressure is palpable; the stress, relentless. At the Bootcamp, we’ll focus on equipping you with the tools and understanding needed to offer not just logistical but emotional support. Learn how to switch between being a parent and a coach. Become the safe space where they can vent their anxieties and the strong foundation they need to hold them accountable.



But there’s a shift in the college admissions landscape. It’s not just about scores and grades anymore. Character has been elevated in the list of crucial elements for college admissions. It’s how your child shows up in the world, reflected in their essays, the causes they stand for, and what their teachers say about them. In the Bootcamp, you’ll learn about engaging in meaningful dialogues that help your child establish and articulate their values in a way that sets them up for a life of integrity while also capturing the admissions boards’ attention.



It’s not just about participating in class or joining every club possible. It’s about aligning actions with values. Authentic engagement goes beyond surface-level involvement and should be a reflection of your child’s core values. At the Bootcamp, we’ll discuss how you can serve as a sounding board, guiding them to make more impactful and aligned decisions.


Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

This Bootcamp is about more than preparing for college. It’s about navigating the emotional and academic labyrinth of 11th grade, side by side with your child. Because when you understand their world, you become not just a parent but a partner in their journey. So, join us, reconnect, and become the guiding light your child so deeply needs during this transformative year.


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