The New PSAT – A Review of the New Exam via Tumblr and Twitter

The New PSAT - A Review of the New Exam via Tumblr and Twitter

This year, high school students took the newly redesigned PSAT for the first time, and although we were told what had changed we were all very curious to know about the experience of actually taking the test. Luckily for us (and you!), students immediately shared their experiences on the Internet.

We looked through Tumblr and Twitter to find the best of the PSAT 2015 memes and broke them down by topic:

Confusion was a popular response.

Other students expressed frustration and exhaustion.

…But most students were talking about specific characters from passages or word problems. Herminia and her “seditious” poetry were popular topics.

We haven’t seen the passage, so we can only imagine the rebellious things she must have written!

Another popular reference was a word problem involving someone named Thad, Spanish moss, and large quantities of bottled water and cookies.

The test even inspired some fan-fiction.

So are any of these teens going to get in trouble for sharing the secret PSAT information?

Probably not. But hey, it isn’t the worst way these teens could rebel. They could have been writing poetry!

Sorry College Board. When we took the test, we just whispered about it in the halls.

We know the thought of facing the redesigned PSAT is stressful, but rest assured that no matter how it goes, your fellow high-school students are ready to commiserate with you the best way they know how: through jokes and memes on the Internet. Share away!

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