Are Learning Pods the Solution to “School at Home”?

Each day seems to bring yet another update from schools about how they’re going to handle classes in the fall.

Some are reopening classrooms; some are staying remote, some are taking a hybrid approach—it’s no wonder parents’ heads are spinning!

Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of conversation about creating learning pods” within communities: mini-schools run from inside your home. It’s an interesting idea…until you realize just how much work is required:

    • creating a plan where the logistics work for multiple families
    • ensuring the curriculum meets state requirements AND the needs of every student involved
    • finding qualified educators willing and able to teach multiple subjects
    • managing the health risks and safety protocols

Once you add in those considerations, an idea that’s supposed to make “going back to school”” easier turns out to not be so easy after all.

At Signet, we’ve heard your concerns, and we’ve designed a solution to meet the unique needs of this moment: T.E.A.M.Tutoring.

This virtual learning support and accountability package provides each student with an Academic Coach plus a team of educators, each highly qualified in a core subject. Individual and group options are available.

T.E.A.M. Tutoring works for students who are returning to in-person learning as well as those who will be continuing “school at home.” The key components of T.E.A.M. Tutoring are:

    • Traction: Students will get the attention they need to make continued progress in academic subjects and with executive function skills
    • Enrichment: Our expert tutors help make course material exciting and identify opportunities to spark students’ interest and curiosity
    • Accountability: Weekly meetings and a clear structure keep students focused and on track
    • Mastery: Through meaningful engagement with their coursework, students will deepen their knowledge and improve retention of the material they learn

As a parent, you benefit too. Bringing an experienced team in to support your student reduces your emotional, mental, and logistical burden.

Picture of Sheila A.

Sheila A.

Sheila Akbar is President & COO of Signet Education. She holds a bachelor's degree and master's degree from Harvard University and two doctoral degrees from Indiana University. She joined the team in the summer of 2010, bringing with her a wealth of experience teaching SAT, ACT, GRE, literature, and composition in both one-on-one and classroom settings.

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