Introducing Pathfinder Academy

They stand at the foot of a towering mountain.


You see them there, gaze locked on the summit looming above them. Ahead, you see the trail’s end with steep, uncharted wilderness between them and the summit above.  


High school. Graduation. And life ahead.  


It’s wonderful. It’s terrifying.


As parents, this is what we’ve been preparing them for their entire lives. We long to take their hand to guide and protect them, but we know this expanse of the unknown is theirs to conquer. 


We cannot scale this mountain for them, but we can supply them with the essential tools to not just survive, but THRIVE on this journey.


Enter Pathfinder Academy.  


We’re here to transform the adventure ahead from daunting to exhilarating — for both of you.


We know your child is unlike any other. The beaten path may not guide them to their unique potential. So we provide custom tools to empower them to chart their own course and lead them to their own destination.


  • 🧭A compass — direction and guidance. As we help them refine their executive function and cultivate sound decision-making skills, they learn to navigate the balance between academic excellence, extracurricular engagement, nurturing relationships, and necessary rest.


  • 📗A field journal — self-awareness, reflection, and discovery. Guiding them to focus on the experiences and responses in the here and now, we uncover the passions and interests that fuel their pursuit.


  • 🏮A lantern — relationship and connection. As they broaden their perspective beyond their individual sphere, they discover the value of their interactions and contributions to the world and people around them.


Armed with these tools and more, the terrifying wilderness ahead transforms into a thrilling adventure.  


That’s the essence of Pathfinder Academy — it’s not a simplistic, ready-made shortcut. It’s an immersive, engaging journey into this incredible adventure we call life.  


We’re excited to unveil this innovative program with a heart to see students fully ENGAGED in their own journey and parents fully supported to ENJOY the process.  


Keep an eye out for more details to come!

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