How Do You Know if You Need a Tutor?

If you’re a student who’s ever needed extra help, you may have found that there are tutors, counselors, and coaches for every aspect of the high school journey.

From raising grades to boosting SAT scores to offering emotional support, you can invest a lot of time (and a small fortune!) on these advisors.

So it’s not surprising that families want to choose their investments wisely. We often get the question “”Does my student really need a tutor?”” And the answer we always give is: it depends on the student.

Not every student needs to work one-on-one with a private tutor. Some students, even those who may be struggling a bit, simply need a more systematic process for learning and retaining material. Check out our Guide to Successful Studying for in-depth advice on how to be a better studier.

But other students will see so much benefit from working with a tutor that the decision is a no-brainer. Here’s how to know if tutoring might be right for you:

You’ve got some strategies–and they aren’t working.

You’ve tried techniques for more effective studying: flash cards, study groups, quiet time at the public library. But you’re not seeing the results you hoped for. You’re not doing as well as you could in one or more classes, but you don’t know why. A tutor can help find the right techniques for you—and make sure you use them consistently!

You’re struggling in one specific subject.

If you’re generally an A or B student who’s struggling to get a C- in chemistry, that’s important information. It may be something about the course content, the teacher’s style, or the way the information is delivered that’s getting you hung up. A tutor can make sure you understand foundational concepts and prevent you from getting lost as the material builds throughout the semester.

You’re too overwhelmed to know where to begin.

If the idea of trying out a new study plan makes your head spin, stop and take a deep breath. You’re not alone! A rigorous courseload, busy extracurricular schedule, or the college admissions process can easily push students past the point of overwhelm. If you’re in that place, a few sessions with one of our tutors might help you “”right the ship”” and get back on course.

You’re dealing with special circumstances, such as a learning or executive functions challenge.

If you have ADHD, a learning challenge, or struggle with one or more executive functions, a tutor can be an excellent companion throughout your high school journey. Note that pairing a tutor with another consultant, such as a mental health professional, may be exactly what you need to feel supported and successful.

A Common Myth…

One of the biggest misconceptions about tutors is that you don’t need to call them unless there’s an emergency. Tutors prevent many emergencies from happening in the first place! Although a tutor may be able to help you cram for the exam that’s three days away, you’ll see the biggest benefits when you build a relationship with your tutor over time.

If you think you might need a tutor, connect with us for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and help you decide if tutoring is right for you.

Picture of Jay B.

Jay B.

Jay Bacrania is the CEO of Signet Education. As a high schooler, Jay won awards for chemistry at the state level in his home state of Florida, and at Harvard, he initially studied physics. After graduating, Jay spent two years studying jazz trumpet at the Berklee College of Music.

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