Don’t Let College Anxiety Ruin Your Life!

Don't Let College Anxiety Ruin Your Life!

You’ve hit “submit”—congratulations! You’ve lived the highs and lows of being a senior in the college admissions process, sometimes feeling exhausted or outright discouraged, but now it’s time to let your college application do its job.

The great news is that you survived the college admissions application process! The not-so-great news is that the waiting game has begun, and for some seniors, the wait can be just as hard as applying.

Don’t let college anxiety take over your life! It’s time to enjoy your senior year and the final months of living at home. Here’s how:

Role Play Worst-Case Scenarios.

Senior Spring Nightmare: you’re at an athletic event, a church or temple service, a community festival, and every single adult you talk to asks about your college applications. They’re just trying to express interest and support, but you’re being bombarded with stories, advice, and opinions that make you want to run away—maybe at a sprint. One way to avoid this: role play with a parent or friend to practice for these conversations. Take the initiative, and it will go better than you expect. It is perfectly fine to say, “I’ve submitted my applications, so I’m trying not to worry about them anymore.” You will find that people get the signal and drop the subject.

Manage—or, Better Yet, Retire—Negative Self-Talk.

Let go of thoughts like, “I am not going to get into [dream school] or even [target school].” Lose the chorus of “I am terrible at [tests, math, high school in general], and my application is embarrassing.” Know that admissions officers do not like saying “no,” but they have to, to many worthy candidates. You poured your heart and soul into your application. Be proud of that! Don’t diminish who you are and how hard you have worked. As Angel Perez of Trinity College once wrote: “I say that where you get into college is not a representation of your worth.  If a school did not admit you, it’s not a personal rejection.” Shift to the positive and tell yourself: “I am not in control of the decision. I am who I am. I will be okay.”

Take Care of You!

  • Maintain your workout routine. Exercise is one of the best sources of reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Find your go-to source for empathy: the right friend (not the one you always seem to compete with), a teacher, grandparent, or even pet. Recognize who the calming forces are in your life and lean on them.
  • Create memes only your friends will understand or start a hashtag campaign. Take the lead and spread the word that you are choosing sanity over anxiety. #wedontwearcollegesweatshirtstoschool #itsnotapersonalrejection #notgonnaansweryourquestionsaboutcollegeapps

Host a “no college” sleepover. Watch silly videos, play Xbox, break a Netflix-watching record. Eat candy. Lots of candy. And no college talk!

There’s a saying: If it were easy, everyone would do it. Be proud of what you have accomplished by applying to college. We at Signet salute all of you who have put yourselves out there. No matter what happens, you will find your way and be okay.

Signet Education experts are here to help you with all of your college admissions needs!

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