Helping Your Freshman Adjust to High School

No doubt, the transition to 9th grade is significant, bringing a myriad of academic changes and social adjustments for your teenager. Factor in extracurriculars, family dynamics, and schedule conflicts, and it’s absolutely natural that both you and your freshman feel more pressure than you may have anticipated.


A little insight can go a long way, so let’s dissect the unique stressors your student is or soon will be facing.


The Hurdles


  • Altered Grading Structure 

High school introduces a different grading approach. Homework may be assigned but is often left ungraded, emphasizing pivotal assessments like papers and tests. A single test score can significantly impact your student’s overall GPA.


  • Increased Autonomy 

High school students have more responsibility for their own success than ever before. With less hand-holding, effective time management and prioritization becomes necessary for managing the workload, completing long-term projects, and preparing for exams.


  • Rapid Exposure of Skills Gaps 

The heightened academic environment leaves little room for students to overlook weaknesses. Addressing core skills early is imperative to forming the foundation for the coming years.


The Solutions


The good news is, effective solutions exist. The key for your student is developing organizational skills and learning how to ask for help.


  • Organizational Skills  

From study methods to organizing their writing, your student needs a well-developed academic process, a daily-use calendar, and the ability to follow timelines for larger projects. Signet’s Guide to Strategic Organization helps build these habits.


  • Asking for Help 

Empowering your child to advocate for themselves is crucial. Whether reaching out to teachers, peers, school counselors, or tutors, your student deserves support in navigating early high school hurdles.


As a parent, recognizing when additional support is required is crucial to your child’s success. Signet’s academic coaches employ a student-led model, engaging each student’s own sense of passion and achievement. With experts guiding the way, students optimize their own personalized strategy for academic excellence and discover a deeper, more meaningful understanding of themselves.


If your student is struggling to find their high school footing or needs assistance recalibrating their academic trajectory, reach out to us. We’re here to support both your student and you in navigating this new reality. You’re not alone in this adventure, and together, we can ensure your freshman thrives all the way to college and beyond.

Picture of Jay B.

Jay B.

Jay Bacrania is the CEO of Signet Education. As a high schooler, Jay won awards for chemistry at the state level in his home state of Florida, and at Harvard, he initially studied physics. After graduating, Jay spent two years studying jazz trumpet at the Berklee College of Music.

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