A Peek Into Pathfinder

From the sandbox to the cusp of adulthood, teens face a dizzying leap—suddenly tasked with decisions about college, majors, and internships that echo far into their futures. It’s a wide gap that demands a bridge, and that’s precisely what Pathfinder is engineered to be.

Through our Pathfinder program, our goal is to help teens engage in what makes their hearts race, their minds tick, and their futures bright with possibility. 

After four years with us, they’re primed to appeal to any college they apply to and ready to make healthy, wise decisions that will set them up for the long-term win.


Here’s some insight into how we do it.


9th Grade: Building the Foundation


  • Academic System: Establishing a disciplined approach to study, reflection, and organization.
  • Holistic Assessment: A comprehensive review of life areas to nurture and improve.
  • StrengthsFinder: Identifying and leveraging personal strengths in overcoming challenges and building relationships.
  • Vision and Growth Mindset: Creating a meaningful vision for the future and fostering a mindset geared towards growth.



Your child will learn the discipline required for academic success, reflect on their life goals, and discover their strengths. They’ll begin to see themselves as part of a bigger picture, with a personal board of advisors made up of mentors and guides who will support them in exploring careers and leadership roles. 


10th Grade: Refining the Vision


  • Strengths Evolution: Building on identified strengths and developing new ones.
  • Vision Revision: Re-evaluating and updating their vision for the future.
  • Living Values: Ensuring personal values are reflected in all aspects of life.
  • Experiential Exploration: Gaining practical experience in areas of interest.



In the tenth grade, Pathfinder focuses on the evolution of your child’s strengths and vision. They’ll reassess and deepen their values, while continuing to explore interests and potential careers. With guided journaling using actual college application prompts, they unknowingly create a reservoir of reflective writings that will later be a treasure trove for their college essays​​.


11th Grade: Sharpening the Focus


  • Leadership and Responsibility: Taking on significant roles within their areas of interest.
  • Strategic Extracurriculars: Deepening involvement in activities that reflect their evolving interests and strengths.
  • College Application Prep: Beginning the process of selecting potential colleges and understanding application requirements.
  • College Essay Writing: Drawing from their journal, students craft essays that tell their compelling story.



As juniors, Pathfinder students begin to sharpen their focus. They’ll home in on what makes them unique, taking on leadership roles that challenge them and reflect their strengths and interests. This is the year when college becomes a clear target on the horizon, and your child starts tailoring their high school experience to align with their college and career goals. 


12th Grade: The Home Stretch


  • College Essay Finalization: Reviewing and polishing the essays that will set them apart to college admissions boards.
  • Interview Prep: Learning to present their best self in college interviews.
  • Final Decisions: Choosing the right college based on their unique path and aspirations.



Senior year is the culmination of your child’s high school journey with Pathfinder. And when the college acceptance letters roll in, your child will be ready to make an informed choice, not just about where to go to college, but about where to launch the next phase of their life’s adventure.


Through each year of high school, Pathfinder is about crafting a life that’s as rich and full as that acceptance letter is thick. It’s life leveled-up, from freshman year to cap and gown.  

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