A New Chapter at Signet Education

Dear Signet Community,


This May marks a significant milestone as I step into the role of CEO at Signet Education. 

Jay remains an integral part of Signet’s vision and culture, and I thank him for the mentorship and partnership he’s always provided. I also want to thank our operations and client care team – Andrea, McKenzie, Kheem, and Emmaline – for their unwavering dedication to our clients and students; they’ve enabled my leadership in ways I can’t describe.

Operationally, not much is changing. We are honored to continue Signet’s high touch client experience, facilitate exceptional results, and help your teen gain admission to the right college for them, ready for the rigors of academics and adulthood with our one-of-a-kind approach.

The thing that will change, and maybe you’ve sensed this in our messaging already, is that I want to speak more explicitly about the powerful transformations that are possible in all of us – including your student and yourself.

Whether they grasp it or not, every student has a tremendous amount of potential. Sometimes, it takes a caring mentor to lend them a bit of confidence as they learn something challenging, build a new skill, or embark on the road to college for them to fully embrace their abilities. 

When we can show them what they are capable of, we know we’ve done our jobs well. This is the bar we’re setting at Signet – for ourselves, our clients, and our industry. 

I’m proud that Signet will continue to guide students in a holistic, discovery-fueled journey to succeed in high school, college, and beyond, all while embracing their unique gifts and talents. 

Because no other program approaches high school and the college process this way, no other program can boast of the student results that we see regularly, from top scores and grades, to greater ease and joy in learning, to a clear sense of self and confidence that is backed up with action. 

Our students not only get accepted at amazing colleges; they are also truly ready for the opportunities that await them there.

If we haven’t connected in a while, I would love to catch up. Community is a key pillar of success in any endeavor, and I’m grateful to consider you part of mine. 



Sheila Akbar, PhD

President & CEO, Signet Education

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