Academic Wellness:

Executive Functions Implementation Guide

Learn how to influence your kid so they don’t have to do school the hard way.

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Co-create smart systems with your kid:

Step 1: Watch our Morning Routine Worksheet How-To-Video:

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The Top Parent Communication Strategies you need to support your teen in getting the help they need - coming to your inbox this week!

There is a way for your kid to accomplish more in high school with less stress. 

Whether they are neurotypical or not, nearly all students do better with systems and structures to accommodate their specific needs and strengths.  

It’s not a matter of studying longer or harder. 

It’s about having the self-awareness and executive functioning skills to get off the road to burnout, and onto a path of sustainable success.  

The challenge? 

Getting teens on board with a new routine or persuading them to accept help? 

Easier said than done. 

So let’s figure out an effective way for you to lead them in the right direction, without doing everything for them. 

Over the next week, we will send you a brief series to help you understand your teen’s inner world and be seen as a helpful partner, not an adversary, while not inadvertently causing stress or blocking your kid from developing executive functioning skills. 

Academic Coaching changes the game for your kid in high school, college, into adulthood. 

It’s okay for your kid to have help – and it’s okay if you’re not the one who does all the helping. 

Few parents have the time or expertise to coach their teenagers in executive functioning. 

That’s why we offer Academic Coaching. 

Our coaches are brilliant at getting kids into the swing of producing schoolwork while working toward admissions – on time with less stress. 

Your kid will learn to study smarter, accommodate for learning challenges, and manage their time so that school gets much easier.

Summer is the perfect time to be developing these executive functioning skills so their next school year goes much more smoothly. 

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