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Signet Education provides full-scale tutoring programs that go far beyond those offered by other services. We provide complete assistance with the educational journey for students from grade school through post-doctoral programs.

Signet Education is far more than a traditional tutoring company. Instead of simply helping you pass a class or two, Signet provides continuing, personalized assistance throughout your entire educational career. Our services, available to students from elementary through graduate school, range from helping you select classes to getting into your top-choice college, from improving your study habits to receiving an A in your toughest course. Our highly trained tutors are here to support you at every step of your educational journey.

We serve students in home in Wellesley, online, or in our Cambridge center. If you are ready to take the first steps toward realizing your academic dreams, give us a call today at 617-714-5262.

Test Prep

Our tutors are prepared to help you prep for everything from the SAT to the GMAT. We are not only familiar with the test materials and administration, but we also have a nuanced understanding of the thought process behind the tests. And we know people: how different personalities and learning styles change the approach to test preparation. Our "test prep with a personal touch" approach allows us to create a plan that is geared to your specific needs.

Each student’s test prep program begins with a period of "discovery." Detailed questions help your tutor understand your short-term and long-term goals, your individual strengths and weaknesses, and any personal issues that could affect your testing, such as anxiety or a lack of specific knowledge.

After the discovery period, you and your tutor will work as a team to integrate the results into a customized study plan. As you implement your plan, your tutor will monitor your progress and provide ongoing feedback. Your plan will be refined and adapted as you go along. This keeps you on task and moving forward. You can work online, at our center, in your home, or even a combination of all three. Whatever location you prefer, your tutor will be there for you until you achieve success.

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Subject Tutoring

We offer individual subject tutoring in a vast array of subjects, from astronomy to neurobiology, Spanish to Hebrew, and philosophy to linguistics. Whether you need short-term assistance in preparing for an exam or a complete tutoring program throughout your class, we're here to help.

Our subject tutoring process includes a discovery period. During discovery, your tutor will learn your goals, your struggles, and the reasons behind your challenges. Maybe you're missing key prerequisite knowledge, or perhaps you have a different learning style than the one addressed in class. No matter what challenges you face, your tutor will come up with a plan that suits your needs.

Subject tutoring provides you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to transition into studying on your own. Your study plan could last only a few sessions or continue for years, depending on your needs and goals. Throughout your journey, your tutor will track your progress and tweak your plan to ensure consistent forward movement.

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Admissions Consulting

The admissions process presents unique challenges whether you're a first-time college applicant or you're submitting applications to medical school. Luckily our admissions consultants are experts in their field, having served on admissions committees for well-known schools across the United States. This insider knowledge provides them a deep understanding of what schools are looking for in candidates.

The best school for you is the one that not only challenges you academically, but also fits your individual interests, personality, and worldview. Your consultant will start by getting to know you as a person, learning your outside activities, values, thoughts, and plans as well as your test scores and grades. Through this process, you will also get to know yourself more deeply and more authentically.

Your consultant next helps you develop a cohesive admissions plan. It begins with a brainstorming session to identify schools that fit your ambitions and priorities, and then moves into the process of framing your unique personal narrative. This description of who you are as a whole person will guide your applications, essays, and interviews with admissions counselors. Knowing who you are, what your chosen program and school provide, and how these mesh together to improve both you and the school can dramatically improve your chances of being accepted. Finally, your admissions consultant helps you identify areas of weakness and develop strategies for addressing and overcoming them.

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Academic Coaching

Many people have a gap between their intellectual capabilities and their classroom performance. The causes of this gap vary from student to student. Some have test anxiety. Some learn in a different way. Some have challenges related to motivation or time management. Whatever the problem may be, academic coaching helps you perform at your actual ability level.

The process begins with your academic coach taking an objective look at how you are currently performing and identifying your actual level of knowledge and ability. Then you will work together to unravel the reasons for your challenges.

After your challenges are identified, you will work closely with your academic coach to develop a realistic plan for overcoming those difficulties. Depending on your individual situation, you might need a new study environment, a different approach to taking notes, or any of a myriad of highly personalized solutions. We will focus strictly on your unique needs and customize your plan accordingly.

Your coach will never give up on you; we're here to see you through to the end, no matter what challenges you face along the way! Overcoming adversity is all about coming up with a plan and sticking to it. As your skills improve, your plan will evolve, incorporating newer, higher level skills that propel you into even higher levels of achievement.

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About Us

Signet Education was founded by Harvard graduates Andrew Magliozzi and Jay Bacrania. Andrew and Jay identified a gap in the tutoring industry: most large tutoring companies offered a generic, one size fits all approach, while most freelancers lacked vital experience in providing high-quality instruction. Signet Education strives to give our students customized, flexible assistance grounded in world-class training in education.

We carefully select each tutor through a rigorous application process. But we also recognize that personalities differ and not every tutor is right for every student. With more than 80 tutors in our ranks, we believe that we can find an appropriate match for everyone. If, after your first session, you find that you and your tutor did not click, we will refund your payment for that session and provide you with a new match. We will check in frequently with both you and your tutor throughout your journey to ensure that your experience is consistently top-notch.

Signet Education serves students throughout greater Boston. If you are ready to take the first steps toward realizing your academic dreams, give us a call today at 617-714-5262.

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