Tasha C.

Tasha started working for Signet in 2021 with experience as a writing tutor at Newbury College and Suffolk University. She specializes in Academic coaching and received her BA in Psychology from Brown University, her MA in Social Work from Boston College and her MA in education from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Tasha C. stands out because:

  • Recipient of a Leadership in Education Award and an Entrepreneurship in Education Fellowship.
  • She is an avid rock climber, a potter, and a published poet and essayist.

Clients and students love Tasha C. because:

  • She is relatable, kind, organized, methodical and calm.
  • She has experience with a wide range of students with all sorts of backgrounds and needs.

Areas of Specialty

Academic Coaching

“Signet Education not only helped guide me into a competitive college, but gave me the academic skill-set I needed in order to perform there at a really high level. Finding the “right” way to study in college can be a difficult task. The organizational tutors at Signet have given me the diverse skills to excel at studying, writing papers, and managing my time. I definitely wouldn’t be able to perform at my current level without their guidance. It is to them that I owe much of my success in and out of the classroom. ”


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