Stephen G.

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  • Graduated MIT with a degree in Mathematics with Computer Science, and minors in Physics and Theater Arts.
  • Qualified for the USA Mathematical Olympiad five years in a row, from 2003 to 2007.
  • Named Santa Clara Valley Mathematics Association 2007 Outstanding Senior Mathematics Student.
  • Perfect scores in SAT I Math, SAT II Math 2, and GRE Math.
  • FIRST Robotics Mentor.
  • Has been teaching since 2003.
  • Actor and writer (performed in seven collegiate plays, and authored one).

Academic Biography

Stephen graduated from MIT in 2011 with a degree in Mathematics with Computer Science, as well as minors in Physics and Theater Arts. Before that, he attended the highly competitive Lynbrook High School in California, where he participated heavily in both math and robotics competitions, and received numerous awards for his success. Since then, he has been working in the software industry, though he continues to work with competitive math teams, mentor high school robotics teams, and generally support budding students in their endeavors.

Personal Biography

Even off the clock, Stephen is deeply passionate about math and science. He always enjoys learning something new, and even more so sharing it with others, which he has been doing since the beginning of high school. His favorite form of procrastination: helping someone else with their own work. When there is no one else around with a problem to solve, he spends his free time solving curious math and physics problems of his own, programming, cooking, acting, and working on his upcoming science fiction novel.

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“Eli has been terrific, and I'm not just being agreeable. While I don't have much basis for comparison, he's gone out of his way, in sessions and out, to prepare and encourage me, all while maintaining a sense of humor and calm. For me, it's a great fit.”