Richard T.

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  • Graduated from Harvard with a BA in Psychology
  • Holds a M.S. in Behavioral Decision Research from Carnegie Mellon
  • Emphasizes learning underlying concepts and principles
  • Has 10+ years of experience
  • Comes from an analytic AND creative background

Academic Biography

Richard holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in Behavioral Decision Research and a BS in Psychology from Harvard University. He currently works at Google as a Quantitative UX Researcher on their Maps team.

A leading tutor at Signet, Richard has more than a decade of experience, guiding students of all ages and learning styles toward success in their academic careers. An expert in psychology and decision making, he brings a scientific understanding of learning and cognition to aid each student's progress and he takes seriously how confidence can matter as much as knowledge to gaining academic success. On that note, Richard has coached and mentored many struggling students through rough patches not only in their skills but also in their self-beliefs. Past students of his have then achieved perfect scores on standardized tests like the SAT, the ACT, the LSAT, and the GRE and received admissions to leading undergraduate and professional schools such as Harvard, Brown, and Columbia Universities.

Personal Biography

In his spare time, he enjoys swimming and weight training, watching films, and playing modern strategic board games. An avid photographer, he has self-published some of his own artwork through a popular online book-maker.

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SAT Math
SAT Prep
Graduate School Admissions (M.A./Ph.D.)

Test preparation“Jenny and Signet helped our daughter improve her ACT and SAT scores to realize her wishes to be seriously considered by top caliber schools. We have three other children and we will not hesitate to contact Signet should the need arise for tutoring for them. Thank you.”


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