Natasha S.

Natasha has been working for Signet since 2020 and has been tutoring since she was in high school. She specializes in English and admissions writing. She holds a BA in English and Philosophy from Harvard College; MSt in English 1550-1700 from the University of Oxford; and is pursuing her JD at Georgetown University Law Center.

Natasha S. stands out because:

  • She has taught students of all different ages and backgrounds from countries around the world.
  • She is fluent in French, proficient in spoken Latin, and learning Hebrew.
  • She has performed in over a dozen Shakespearean plays.

Clients and students love Natasha S. because:

  • She is upbeat and motivating.
  • She is very organized and methodical.
  • She brings a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to her sessions.

Areas of Specialty

Admissions Consulting
Admissions Writing

Subject Tutoring

“M. feels much more confident in her writing as a result of the first class with Natasha! As a parent I feel relieved that Natasha is able to provide support and structure with actionable items and a timetable. M. likes Natasha’s upbeat personality and says Natasha has good energy. This once impossible task no longer feels impossible with Natasha teaching M. and managing the process.”

- Recent Client