Jonathan P.

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  • Scored a 2280 on the SAT (800 Verbal) and a 740 on the GMAT
  • National Merit Scholar (1995) & New York Times Corporate Scholarship winner
  • Harvard University: BA (2000) in Government
  • Former derivatives trader on Wall Street

Academic Biography

In high school, Jonathan excelled in a variety of subjects, scoring a 5 in AP U.S. History and winning a national award in German. He received a 2280 on the SAT, highlighted by a perfect score on the Verbal portion, and was chosen as a National Merit Scholar and recipient of the New York Times Corporate Scholarship. At Harvard, Jonathan dipped his toes in many subjects, but ultimately graduated with a B.A. in Government, which he curiously applied by embarking on a career in derivatives trading. Beginning in Chicago, he learned to trade futures options in the S&P 500 pit, before transferring to New York, where he worked for boutique firms, Citibank, and himself in the NASDAQ, Gold, Crude Oil and Natural Gas options pits.

As a trader, Jonathan learned how to distill and synthesize information rapidly, make decisions based on imperfect information, and divorce results from process. He discovered how to effectively self-educate, crafting his own successful trading methods via logic and trial & error to create profitable feedback loops. This technique served him well at Citibank, where he became a Vice President in his division and was tasked with teaching classes on options theory, Black-Scholes pricing and practical trading methods to apprentice traders.

Wanting to live beyond the age of 30, he left Finance to pursue interests that he would willingly engage in for free. This has been a broad spectrum, inevitably drawing him back to his alma mater to capitalize on the abundance of available resources. At present, his main focus has been research in computer science and language acquisition.

Personal Biography

Jonathan's experience in teaching mostly comes from learning how to educate his most difficult student – himself. An avid student and a quick study, he wouldn't consider himself a specialist in any field, yet believes that there are real benefits to his generalist tendencies. One is learning by metaphor – understanding new concepts by connecting them to what he already knows, and communicating them to others by linking to what THEY already know.

Outside of academic pursuits, Jonathan is drawn to active endeavors. He has never had a desk job in his entire life – probably because he can't sit still. He played five sports in high school, captaining his high school varsity, and played competitive basketball for a short time in college as well. Always on the move, he has vagabonded about the world - making pit stops in France, Moscow, Australia, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Ireland, among others. He enjoys games without rules, inventive cuisine and “making stuff”. His girlfriend thinks he is a handful. She is correct.

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