Jay B.

Jay is the CEO of Signet Education and has been tutoring for nearly 20 years. He currently specializes in academic coaching. Jay holds a degree in comparative religion from Harvard and attended Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship for jazz trumpet performance.

Jay B. stands out because:

  • He has taken a broad academic path that spans the sciences and humanities.
  • He regularly helps his SAT students see 250-400 point gains.
  • He is obsessed with making the perfect cup of coffee.

Clients and students love Jay B. because:

  • He is dynamic and charismatic.
  • He is down-to-earth and strives to tailor every moment of a session to a student’s needs.

Areas of Specialty

Academic Coaching

“Through Jay’s organizational coaching, I learned how to better analyze and improve my work abilities. From setting a daily calendar to planning personal and academic goals, these skills served as a vital guide that I heavily relied on to navigate through the chaotic college admissions process. Now at the University of Chicago, these invaluable life skills still serve essential roles in my life, as they help maximize the potential of my time both in and out of the classroom. They are something I will always greatly appreciate having.”

- recent student