Jay B.

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Jay is the CEO of Signet Education. He has taken a broad academic path that spans the sciences and humanities, and was also a semi-professional jazz musician.

  • Signet lead SAT instructor
  • Excellent communicator
  • Has worked extensively with both special needs and high achieving students
  • Thinks students should work hard, but enjoy every bit of learning
  • Is very systematic

Academic Biography

Jay is the CEO of Signet Education. He has taken a broad academic path that spans the sciences and humanities. As a high-schooler, Jay excelled in the sciences, winning awards on the state level for chemistry in his home state of Florida. After being admitted to Harvard, Jay began studying physics. However, realizing that it was the exploration of the unknown and the search for meaning he was really after, he switched to the comparative study of religion. Jay studied abroad in India for his junior year and speaks fluent Hindi. He graduated from Harvard in 2005, and also attended Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship for jazz trumpet performance.

Personal Biography

Jay's rigorous academic and musical paths have heavily influenced his methods as a tutor. Understanding the performative aspect of tutoring and the need to communicate, Jay constantly strives to tailor each and every second of every lesson to a student's needs at that very moment. Jay is a dynamic, charismatic, and down-to-earth instructor. With his SAT students he regularly sees 250-400 point gains.

Beyond tutoring, Jay is interested in managing and refining Signet Education. He was also a semi-professional jazz musician. He lives near the Signet tutoring center in Cambridge and you can almost always bet on finding him there at all hours, teaching or finding ways to make Signet even better!

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Test Preparation“Judith is a SUPERB tutor and did such a great job connecting with our son and providing direct, constructive feedback on AP Prep. We give her TOP marks on taking the tutoring seriously, punctuality, pleasant and warm - everything a parent and student would want. Hopefully the results will be GREAT!”