Jasvinder D.

Jas joined Signet in 2020 and quickly brought his impressive experience to bear on his work with our students. He is a test prep and classics/history tutor. Jas graduated from University of Colorado and got his Masters from Columbia University, where he gained experience teaching and tutoring.

Jasvinder D. stands out because:

  • He is one of Signet’s Principal Tutors – tutoring is his only job!
  • He loves soccer and working out.
  • He published a thesis on the misconceptions of literacy during the early Roman empire and modeling a classic education in modern schools.

Clients and students love Jasvinder D. because:

  • He is enthusiastic, fun, and encouraging.
  • He is great at in-depth, independent study.

Areas of Specialty

Admissions Consulting
Admissions Writing

Subject Tutoring
Creative Writing
Expository Writing
US History
World History

Test Prep

“Jas has been wonderful. C really enjoyed working with him and he helped her feel so confident about her Latin understanding. He was a very good fit.”

- recent client