Eric W.

Eric has been working at Signet since 2017 and has logged over 1,000 student hours, but he has been tutoring since 2012. He is Signet’s generalist: he does test prep, STEM, humanities, college essays, and academic coaching. He received his BA in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Boston University.

Eric W. stands out because:

  • He can handle material in just about any subject and is very experienced.
  • He has worked extensively in clinical roles and medical research.
  • He is a mentor and leader in various educational access initiatives.
  • He loves music, volunteering, and traveling.

Clients and students love Eric W. because:

  • He is knowledgeable, deeply thoughtful, and understanding.
  • He gets great results.

Areas of Specialty

Academic Coaching

Subject Tutoring

Test Prep

“Eric was an excellent tutor! [My daughter] really enjoyed working with him and even asked him to work with her a second time – for the Physics final!”

- recent client

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