Eliza H.

Eliza has been working at Signet since 2019. She specializes in reading/writing, study skills, and academic coaching. She received her BA in English Literature at Brigham Young and her M.Ed in English Secondary Education from the George Washington University.

Eliza H. stands out because:

  • She has school teaching experience in Russian Language, AP Language, Honors English 10, English 9, and English for English Language Learners.
  • She loves food and traveling.

Clients and students love Eliza H. because:

  • She is funny and playfully sarcastic.
  • She relates to her students.

Areas of Specialty

Admissions Consulting
Admissions Writing

Subject Tutoring

“I enjoy and greatly appreciate the summaries Eliza sends to me after each session. I also like the way she has connected with L. in such a short time period–Eliza also truly seems to realize and appreciate exactly what . is going thru–appears to be mindful of the academic rigors of junior year – I additionally like how Eliza seems to probe and explore precisely where Lindsay needs help at each session. This is just what L so needed. Thank you!”

- Recent Client