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Upon graduating magna cum laude from Princeton, Brittany has taught 11th and 12th English as a Teach For America corps member, spearheaded an ACT tutoring program, and coached students in writing their college admissions essays.

  • Graduated magna cum laude from Princeton
  • Her recently published memoir received national attention
  • Earned Ruth Bates Thesis Prize for her work on the civil rights movement
  • Has taught 11th and 12th grade English as a Teach for America corps member
  • Spearheaded ACT tutoring program

Academic Biography

Brittany graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, where she initially focused upon a pre-med track and ultimately received her BA in U.S. history and African American studies. There, her research on the civil rights movement earned her the Ruth Bates Thesis Prize, and her writing on radical feminism was also nominated for publication. More recently, her six-part memoir was published and has garnered national attention.

Upon graduating, Brittany has taught 11th and 12th English as a Teach For America corps member, spearheaded an ACT tutoring program, and coached students in writing their college admissions essays. Now, Brittany is a teaching assistant for a master's program in education and a writing instructor for recent high school and college graduates. This varied background allows Brittany to bring a unique perspective to her tutoring practice. Having successfully worked with students from the elementary to the graduate level who have had a wide range of ability and hailed from urban to suburban settings, she rejects a cookie-cutter approach to tutoring. Instead, she believes that student-centered teaching, fueled by ingenuity, high expectations, and a belief in all students' potential, is key for academic success.

In terms of subject area, Brittany excels in ACT and SAT preparation and Admissions Essay preparation. In each, Brittany has extensive experience and has helped students to experience significant gains. Her objective is to dispel the fear and confusion around these areas. She knows that when taught methodically and in a way that is tailored to individual students, these anxiety-inducing subjects can be easily learned. Watching students master these "opaque" subjects is the highlight of tutoring for her.

Personal Biography

Brittany grew up in the culturally-rich city of Chicago, where she learned to appreciate the artistry of dance, cooking, and a well-curated museum. Brittany has tried her hand at all three—as the former artistic director of BodyHype Dance Company; as a lover of artisanal foods and a (struggling) home cook; and as an academic dedicated to issues of social justice. When she's not wearing one of those hats, Brittany can be found running or listening to public radio—or, better yet, doing both at the same time! She admits that the phrase, "I once heard on NPR…" comes from her mouth far too often. Currently, Brittany works for Wellspring Consulting where she uses strategic thinking and data-driven solutions to help nonprofits thrive and achieve their missions.

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Literature and English“Carolyn has helped J. a lot in his English papers and he's left his sessions with her enthusiastic and inspired both about literary analysis in general. He finds her guidance very helpful and it sounds like she's been able to get him to think more thoroughly about assignments. ”