Ben L.

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  • BSc in biochemistry from Brown University and MA in Education from Stanford University
  • Former high school chemistry, biology, and environmental science teacher; current doctoral student in curriculum and instruction at Boston College
  • First started tutoring as a junior in high school and has been tutoring and teaching ever since
  • Loves SCUBA diving and has been underwater in northern and southern California, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean

Academic Biography

Ben graduated magna cum laude from Brown University, earning a BSc with honors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In college, he did research on the effect of aging on DNA as well as the relationship between age, DNA damage, and cellular senescence. He got his start in education working at Summerbridge San Francisco as a high school and college student, where he tutored and taught low-income middle school students for four years. After Brown, he earned a MA in Education and a teaching credential from Stanford University. He taught for 6 years in public schools in California, teaching Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Biology, AP Environmental Science, and a study skills and college admissions elective. In the summer of 2017, he moved to Boston to begin a PhD program in curriculum and instruction at Boston College.

Personal Biography

Ben grew up in San Francisco, CA, and returned there as quickly as possible after graduating from Brown, but only after picking up an interest in ice hockey (but only as an observer). Although he may be reluctant to admit it, he does actually enjoy the four real seasons that we have in New England, unlike in California. He played the saxophone from middle school through college, but now spends most of his free time SCUBA diving and exploring the outdoors both above and below the water line.

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Test Preparation“Lekha walked my daughter through the areas that she had recently studied for the Bio SAT. Lekha was excellent at both explaining concepts and following up with an email. My daughter is on track for taking the SAT in June. I would highly recommend Lekha to anyone who needs a Bio tutor.”


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