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Are you looking for a Spanish tutor? At Signet Education, our tutors work hard to bring the Spanish language to life.

Signet uses numerous techniques and strategies to improve all facets of your language learning—not only grammar and writing rules, but also your comprehension and speaking abilities.

Rather than forcing you to memorize lists of vocabulary words and grammar charts, our Spanish tutors help you develop true mastery and understanding by teaching you to internalize important words and general language rules. Some of our chosen methods include role playing, conversations, watching films, and singing songs. Not only is this more fun than traditional methods, but the results cannot be denied. Our students consistently demonstrate better success in not only learning the material, but also retaining it. We believe you will even enjoy yourself along the way.

What to Expect

Our Spanish tutoring, like all of our subject tutoring, is highly personalized. Your experience begins with an in-depth assessment of your personal goals for tutoring, the areas in which you are experiencing challenges, and the reasons behind your struggles. You might need to revisit more basic material, change your study environment, or develop new strategies and habits for learning success. Whatever difficulties you face, your tutor will work with you to develop an individualized plan for success.

Your personal tutoring plan might last for only a few sessions, or it might continue with you over the years that you study Spanish. The length of your plan, as well as its content, is determined by your unique goals and challenges. Every step of the way, your tutor will remain close by to monitor your progress and help you transition into studying Spanish on your own. Your study plan is never fixed, but grows and evolves as you develop new skills. This helps to keep you moving forward as you strive to meet your goals. 

About Our Tutors

Our tutors have deep knowledge and understanding of the common standardized Spanish tests, and the cultural conventions, accents, and literatures that help you delve much deeper into the language. Working together, you will be able to gain the mastery that is required to pass your classes and exams, no matter what level of Spanish you are studying. We can help you on a short-term basis to pass a specific exam, or on a longer-term basis to develop a deeper understanding of the language. We tutor students from elementary school through graduate school.

Signet Spanish tutors are a diverse group that includes native Spanish speakers, doctoral candidates, those who hold advanced degrees in Spanish, and experienced Spanish teachers. Our tutors have demonstrated their linguistic prowess in such ways as completing advanced coursework while living abroad. We carefully screen our candidates for their depth of expertise and proven ability to teach.

Meet our Tutors

Laurel L.
Laurel grew up in sunny California but has spent her adult life on the East Coast. Perhaps this explains why she loves to...
Alfred L.
Alfred has recently returned to Massachusetts after living in Burlington for the past several years. He has a wide variety of...
Adam B.
Adam studied abroad in Seville, Spain where he taught children English. He has also spent time working as an EMT, researching...
Madison L.
Madison grew up walking the woods of Maine, living with French-speaking host families, and preparing culinary creations with...
Phil G.
Phil's love for Spanish and development work led him to study abroad in Chile during college, volunteer for a year in Peru...
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Our headquarters is in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. We tutor in our center and in-home around Boston.

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We work with clients all over the world via Skype and our online tutoring platform.

Subject Tutoring“Charles has been fantastic with E. He has her so engaged with and enthusiastic about their tutoring sessions. Their sessions together are very productive and the reports Charles follows up with are as thorough as the sessions. He's the best!”


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