To Test or Not To Test?

To Test or Not To Test

One of the less visible changes that the 2020 pandemic brought us was the shift to “test optional” policies at many schools across the US.  Nearly 2,000 schools have now instituted this policy based not only on the lack of ability to test during lockdown, but on research showing standardized test scores do not offer […]

How to Build a College List

How to Build a College List

If your student is a sophomore or junior, it’s time to create a list that is robust enough to give you options, but tight enough that you can execute fantastic applications to all of them. Learn how to build a stellar college list.

Common SAT and ACT Mistakes to Avoid

Common SAT and ACT Mistakes to Avoid

What mistakes should students avoid when studying for the SAT or ACT? Here are three common mistakes we see time and again at Signet and our proven solutions.

Timeline for SAT and ACT Test Prep

Timeline for SAT and ACT Test Prep

Is your student on track with their SAT or ACT test prep?    If you aren’t quite sure what constitutes “on track,” this blog is for you. Read on to learn more about the proper timeline for SAT or ACT test prep.    When Should Students Take the SAT or ACT? While it’s important for […]

Standardized Test Taking Strategies

Discover helpful test taking strategies for the SAT, ACT, and AP exams that can build students’ confidence and boost their overall performance.

The Essential ACT Prep Guide

In this essential ACT prep guide, we provide crucial information about the ACT, including how to go about studying and preparing for this test. Check it out.

10 Tips to Ace the SAT and ACT

Is it standardized testing time for your student? Here are ten tips for getting students on the road to acing the SAT or ACT.

Standardized Testing

Standardized Test

Standardized Testing Standardized testing can be stressful and confusing for students. There are no specific classes designed to prepare students for these tests (with the exception of AP exams), so in many cases, students don’t know what to expect.  Should they take the SAT or ACT? Does it matter which test they submit to colleges? […]

SAT, ACT, or go ‘Test Optional?’

SAT vs ACT vs Test Optional

We receive many questions from families about whether their students should take the SAT, ACT, or go test optional. Here’s how to make the right decision.

Are Colleges Moving Away from Standardized Testing?

To many families, the SAT and ACT are practically synonymous with college admissions. But there are more than a few problems with the SAT and ACT. Learn about the issues with standardized testing and what colleges are doing about it.

Standardized Testing: Do You Know the Exams?

While the movement encouraging schools to de-emphasize testing in their admissions procedures has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, test scores may still be an important part of the college application process for many students.

What Is the Test Optional Movement?

Standardized test scores have historically been a crucial part of college applications. But more colleges are joining the test optional movement, which doesn’t require standardized test scores.

Your Ultimate Junior Year Test Prep Plan

Your Ultimate Junior Year Test Prep Plan

Here’s a secret: test prep doesn’t have to be unpleasant and intense. When you start early, you can take it easy. Many families like to get a jump on standardized test preparation. If you’re a high school junior, you may have already started this past summer. That’s great, but if you’re not in that boat, not to worry! Read on for tips on preparing your ultimate test prep plan.

SAT/ACT Junior Year Test Prep Timeline & FAQs

SAT/ACT Junior Year Test Prep Timeline & FAQs

In this blog post, we’ll give you a step-by-step timeline for SAT/ACT test prep over the course of junior year and address some questions we often get from parents and students.

8-Week SAT or ACT Study Plan

Waited until the last minute (or the last 2 months), and now you’re stressing? Here’s a plan to help you conquer the SAT or ACT with just 8 weeks of prep.

The New PSAT

The New PSAT

The PSAT/SAT are changing in 2015. Find out what to expect here.