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How to Prepare for Your Math and Science Finals

Finals season is here! Get some tips on prepping for your Math and Science exams.

Is “find your passion” good advice?

Today's culture urges students to "find their passion" and then make a career out of it. Is it sound advice?

Key Elements of MBA Applications

Business schools evaluate applicants on a few key elements in their personal narrative.

How to Set an SAT or ACT Goal Score

Goal-setting is valuable when it comes to standardized testing. Learn how to set the right SAT or ACT goal score for your high school student.

Contacting College Admissions Officers

Learn the right way to reach out to admissions officers at the top colleges on your list!

Should You Take the SAT or ACT?

Choosing wisely between the SAT and ACT can lead to improved scores and less stress.

Selective Schools: Pros and Cons

Colleges with highly competitive admissions have some benefits--and some drawbacks.

The Common, Coalition, and UC Applications

Tips on how to use the Common, Coalition, and UC applications to streamline your college application process.

Should You Pursue VIP Letters of Recommendation?

Will letters of recommendation from VIP's increase your likelihood of college acceptance? Learn the truth about VIP recommendation letters.
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