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Signet’s Guide to Successful Studying

Good study habits are so important, yet students are often not taught how to study effectively. In this guide, we outline our recommended steps for academic success.

Signet’s Guide to SAT/ACT Preparation

Download this guide to get our time-tested tools and resources for successful SAT/ACT prep.

Signet’s Guide to Summer Planning

Summer break offers students a unique opportunity to build important skills that will benefit them in college and into their adult lives. In this guide, students can learn how to plan a productive summer that aligns with their personal goals.

Signet’s Guide to College Visits

College is a time of huge growth, and it's important that students seek out a school that provides the right opportunities and support for their individual development

Signet’s Guide to College Admissions

This guide covers everything you need to know about starting the college admissions process. You'll learn how to break down each phase of the process into small, manageable chunks so that you stay on track.

An Intro to Mental Health in High School

We provide an overview of the common mental health challenges that high schoolers face, along with tools and resources for getting help.

Signet’s Guide to the Essay

The college essay, or personal statement, can be one of the most daunting pieces of the entire college application process, but it's also one of the few pieces of the application that gives students an opportunity to share their own unique voice.

Signet’s Guide to High School Sophomore Year

Sophomore year is a time when students can find significant opportunities for growth, both in and out of the classroom. However, taking advantage of those opportunities requires some focus and dedication.

Signet’s Guide to High School Junior Year

Junior year is probably the most challenging of a student's high school career: classes are rigorous, extracurriculars demand increased time and energy, and the college process begins in earnest.

Signet’s Guide to High School Senior Year

The senior year of high school is a unique experience and a very special time in a student's life. Students need one foot firmly planted in the present, to maintain their grades, activities, and complete the college process.

Should My Sophomore Study for the PSAT?

Does a sophomore need to study for the PSAT? Signet's academic experts share their tips on PSAT preparation for sophomores.

Standardized Testing: Do You Know the Exams?

While the movement encouraging schools to de-emphasize testing in their admissions procedures has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, test scores may still be an important part of the college application process for many students.

Guiding Principles in College Admissions

College admissions officers consider students holistically, and your student needs to know that to ensure that their best self comes through in their application materials.

4 Simple Routines to Support Your Student

Try adding these 4 simple routines to your day to bring structure back into your student's life.

Reframe School with the Top 10 List

The Top 10 List is a simple tool you can use as a conversation starter with your student to explore what other activities and pursuits they might feel are meaningful during this time.

Make the Most of This New School Year

If your student thinks success in school will look the same way it always has, it's time to help them reframe the conversation.

Are Learning Pods the Solution to “School at Home”?

What's the best way for parents to deal with the chaos of school during a pandemic?

Are You College-Ready?

The most important skills that students need to develop before the college transition.

How to Talk About Financial Aid for College

It's important for both students and parents to understand how financial considerations, including financial aid fit into the equation.

Does My Student Need to Take the SAT or ACT This Year?

With so many colleges making tests optional, do students need to worry about standardized testing this year? Let's explore the possibilities.

20 Unconventional Ways to Spend the Summer

Without a sense of purpose, students can get sucked into mindless summer activities. We've got 20 better suggestions.

Summer’s Here: Does Your Student Have a Plan?

Summer is here! We've got resources to help your student plan for a successful summer.

Top Tips for Taking a Virtual College Tour

Can't take an in-person tour of that campus on your college list? How about a virtual college tour instead?

COVID-19: Effects on High School, Summer, and College Admissions

The coronavirus will continue to have a major impact on many aspects of high school. To help you feel a bit less overwhelmed, we've compiled resources and advice we've published related to COVID-19 so far.

How Do We Vet Your Student’s Tutor?

When you hire a tutor, you want the best for your student. Signet's rigorous process ensures each of our tutors has experience and expertise!

Reflecting on This Academic Year – and the Current Moment

Reflecting on where we've been and who we want to become.

Make Mindfulness Your Superpower

Mindfulness is an incredible practice for reducing stress, staying focused, and even improving academic performance!

What’s the Coronavirus Slide?

How is COVID-19 affecting your student's development and learning?

What to Do if this School Year is a Bust

If the COVID-19 pandemic has caused your student's schoolwork to slip, there's still time to get them back on track.

How Has COVID-19 Affected College Admissions?

Learn about the new college admissions landscape in the era of COVID-19.

What Should Students Do About Summer?

There are still great opportunities for students to have an enriching summer this year.

Are You Ready for the New AP Exams?

The 2020 AP exams have been reformatted, and students will take them at home. Here's how to prepare.

Do You Need a Tutor, Coach, or Therapist?

Academic coaching for high school students is often a helpful bridge between tutoring and therapy.

Want to Finish Strong this Academic Year?

A simple process to help students have a strong finish to this high school year.

How to Make College Decisions Without In Person Visits

College decisions are always challenging, but they're especially difficult when you can't visit in person. Here's how to choose a college without an in-person visit.

How Our Technology Helps Kids Be Better Virtual Learners

Remote learning is a viable alternative to the live classroom--if you know how to approach it the right way.

What to Do if Your SAT or ACT is Cancelled

Standardized test dates across the country have been cancelled. Here's how to keep calm and study on.

COVID-19 Update

An update on Signet's new protocols in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

What is a Neuropsych Assessment?

What is a neuropsychology assessment, and which students might benefit from taking one?

How Do You Know if You Need a Tutor?

Learn whether support from a tutor can improve your high school performance and experience.

Do You Have Test Anxiety?

Test anxiety can negatively impact your performance--our tips will help you manage and prevent anxiety around exams.

How Does Signet Find the Perfect Tutor for You?

Learn about Signet's proven system for matching tutors and students.

Considering a New College Major?

Thinking about changing college majors? Make sure you are prepared before making the switch!

Study Like a Valedictorian

What is the best approach to studying effectively? Read on to learn best practices from our very own top-notch tutors!

What Does it Cost to Go to College?

This post takes a look at the complete picture of expenses involved in attending college.

High School Self-Assessment

As summer approaches, now is a good time to revisit your goals and assess your progress. Let's get started!

College Applications are in! Now What?

What to do once your college applications are in...
Need help?