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How to Navigate the College Transition

How to Navigate the Transition to College

How can families ensure a smooth transition to a safe and productive freshman year? Discover helpful tips on the college ...
College Admissions for Complex Students

College Admissions for Complex Students

Complex teens deserve a customized method for making crucial decisions about their future. Learn more about Signet’s secret-sauce framework ...
Get on Track with College Applications This Summer

Summer: The Time for College Applications

Summer is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time for students to get on track with college applications ...
What are diagnostic tests and why do they matter?

Diagnostic ACT/SAT Tests: Why Do They Matter?

Is your student trying to choose between the SAT and the ACT? Find out why they should take diagnostic tests ...
The State of Student Mental Health in America

State of Student Mental Health in the USA

Many teens are struggling right now and need all the support they can get. Discover strategies for improving mental health ...
How to Build a Stellar College List

How to Build a Stellar College List

How can students and their parents go about creating a stellar college list? Read Signet’s step-by-step guide ...
6 tips for transforming a college essay

6 Tips for Transforming a College Essay

The revising and editing stage of writing a college essay evolves a decent essay into a great one. Discover six ...
How does the college waitlist work?

How Does the College Waitlist Work?

Being waitlisted puts students in a liminal space that can be excruciating to navigate—but there is hope. Discover what to ...
How to Manage Final Exam Anxiety

Test Anxiety Management Tips for the Finals Season

Final exams are just around the corner, and for many students, test anxiety is rearing its ugly head. Discover 4 ...
Fostering Independence in Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

Fostering Independence in Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

How do you teach complex kids to become more independent? The change you want for your kids starts with you ...
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