Pre-Intake FAQ

See below for our most frequently asked questions including who is Emmaline and what to expect from your consult call.

Who is Emmaline?

Emmaline speaks with every client to deeply understand their needs and works with the whole Signet team to match students to the right educator for them.

Emmaline holds a degree in Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience) and Social Anthropology from Harvard and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her professional expertise spans clinical research, neuropsychological evaluations, and interventions for learning differences and executive function challenges. She is also personally familiar with the intense pressures of competitive high schools, demanding extracurriculars, and highly selective college admissions.

What should I expect on this call?

We’ll spend about 20 minutes together. In that time, our goal is to understand your situation and concerns, assess whether we are a good fit for what you need, and gather information to make a stellar tutor match. We like to record this call to make sure we don’t miss any details. 

The call will follow this basic structure:

  • Understand the concerns that inspired you to reach out to us.
  • Gather basic academic information about your student.
  • Describe the services we think will best support your student.
  • Answer your questions about our services, staff, and approach.
  • Discuss rates and your budget.
  • Understand what kind of people your student works with best.
  • Confirm your timeline and gather availability for tutoring sessions.
  • Mutually confirm next steps.

Does my student need to be on the call?

No; we actually prefer speaking to you without your student on the call to assess the situation and answer your questions first. 

What should I come prepared with?

We offer four services: tutoring, test preparation, academic coaching, and admissions consulting. Depending on your needs, here are some helpful things to prepare.

Tutoring: It’s helpful if you have some sense of the challenges and what the subject matter is. A course description or syllabus is great, but at minimum, we’ll want a description of the topics they are currently learning.

Test preparation: Any previous official or practice scores, and anything you can share about how your student feels about standardized tests.

Academic Coaching: A description of how your student’s challenges impact them and their school work, any official diagnoses of learning differences or ADHD, and information on accommodations they may already have in place. 

Admissions Consulting: Information on grades, current courses, extracurriculars, summer plans, and testing. If you have already started on a college list, please have that handy during our call. For graduate applicants, your academic history and your motivation for pursuing further study will be helpful.

What happens after this call?

Within 1-2 business days, we’ll share with you our recommendation for a tutor, coach, or consultant for your student. If that profile feels like a fit, we’ll move forward to having you sign off on our policies and collecting payment information, and then connect you directly to your chosen tutor and our scheduling team to get you started. 

How do you match students with tutors?

We consider many factors, from academic background to personality and shared interests, in order to suggest a tutor we think you will absolutely love.

Who are your tutors, coaches, and consultants?

All of our staff members are passionate career educators, the majority of whom work full time for Signet as mentors for our students.

Most of our tutors and coaches have Master’s and or PhD degrees in their fields. Our undergraduate admissions consultants have professional experience as admissions officers and/or in school college counseling offices.

What can I expect in terms of pricing?

For tutoring, test prep, and coaching, hourly rates start at $250/hr.

For admissions, hourly rates start at $300/hr and packages.

If you want to set a budget, please let us know and we can work to structure something within it.