Podcast: Let’s get tactical: How to Plan your Summer

Welcome back to the podcast! After a refreshing holiday break, join me as I share valuable insights on making your student’s summer meaningful. Let’s kick off the year together! Access Signet’s Guide to Summer Planning here. Explore various summer programs and exciting opportunities from Pathways to Science, Teenlife, and College Match Point. TRANSCRIPT Sheila Akbar: Hello, and welcome back […]

Podcast: How to Achieve an Academic Turnaround

How to Achieve an Academic Turnaround

Meet Liz – one of Signet’s rockstar academic coaches. In today’s episode, Liz shares her approach to coaching, what kinds of challenges coaching can help with, and how to tell if your child is ready for coaching or not. Learn about how a coach puts students at the center of identifying and solving their own […]

Academic Coaching vs. Teaching: What’s the Difference?

When students struggle with school, they often don’t know who to turn to for support. Can their teachers put them back on track, or might they benefit from a service like academic coaching? What are the differences between academic coaching and teaching in the context of getting students the help they need?    You’ve got […]

Excellent Organization in High School

High School Organization

Is your incoming freshman organized enough for high school? Explore the three elements of good organization and how to help your teen master tasks, time, and stuff.

Signet’s Guide to Summer Planning

Summer break offers students a unique opportunity to build important skills that will benefit them in college and into their adult lives. In this guide, students can learn how to plan a productive summer that aligns with their personal goals.

Are You College-Ready?

The most important skills that students need to develop before the college transition.

Study Like a Valedictorian

What is the best approach to studying effectively? Read on to learn best practices from our very own top-notch tutors!

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

Over the years, we’ve seen that when students study, they often lose focus, getting overwhelmed by distractions (smartphone, friends) or going down a rabbit hole and spending way too much time on a single topic. In order to combat loss of focus and increase students’ productivity, we highly recommend using the Pomodoro Technique. Read on to learn how to use this technique.

How to Manage Your Homework Deadlines

How to Manage Your Homework Deadlines

At Signet, we use a couple of mantras that we’ve found to be really powerful for students at all levels and stages of the academic process. One of our favorites is “plan your work, work your plan.” It sounds simple, but applied well, it helps with focus, time management, and productivity. Read on to learn more.

Time Management in College

Time Management in College

One former Signet student’s three-part series on beginning college, including time management, extracurriculars and working with esteemed professors.