A New Chapter at Signet Education

Dear Signet Community,   This May marks a significant milestone as I step into the role of CEO at Signet Education.  Jay remains an integral part of Signet’s vision and culture, and I thank him for the mentorship and partnership he’s always provided. I also want to thank our operations and client care team – […]

Podcast: Let’s Get Tactical: How to Build a College List

In today’s podcast episode, I talk about the college list. From navigating super scoring policies to campus visits and holistic considerations, gain valuable insights on creating a tailored list for a seamless college application process. Join me for essential tips and tools to guide you through this crucial phase. Resources here: Signet Education’s College List-Building […]

Podcast: Sharon Genicoff: Personal Branding in College Admissions

In this episode, I sit down with high school college counselor Sharon Genicoff to explore the art of crafting an authentic personal brand for your college applications. Our conversation empowers students to present their unique qualities in a meaningful way, ensuring their college applications stand out and reflect their genuine selves. Tune in for invaluable […]

Podcast: Urvashi Bhatnagar: Why Cross-Functional Learning is Essential for Success

This week, I sit down with scholar, author, leader, and mom Urvashi Bhatnagar to talk about her educational journey and the importance of learning skills and knowledge from outside your career silo. TRANSCRIPT Urvashi Bhatnagar: 0:00 I think we need to recognize that careers are a journey. And they will most likely not retire in the […]

Podcast: Talia Kovacs: Building Resilience in Our Kids

More and more, our kids are anxious, afraid to make mistakes, and deeply shame-filled when they do. Our kids are refusing to try, and shutting down when things feel hard. What’s a parent to do? I’m pleased to host fellow Chief and resiliency specialist Talia Kovacs to the podcast to discuss her work and her […]

Podcast: Andrea West: The Power of Reflection in College Admissions

Today, I talk with Signet’s Director of Operations and senior academic coach, Andrea West about the benefits of combining traditional college admissions consulting with coaching. Coaching can not only improve a student’s academic performance, but it can also shift them into more of a growth mindset and self-knowledge, two things which are vitally important in […]

Podcast Bonus Episode: Tools for Academic Skill-Building and Accountability

Jay Bacrania: Skills for High School Success

Towards the end of my conversation with Jay, our CEO, last week, we started getting really tactical around various tools that can help build students’ awareness of their challenges and move them towards solutions. In this episode, we talk through calendars, digital distractions, time management, and a tool for examining how non-academic factors impact academic […]

To Test or Not To Test?

To Test or Not To Test

One of the less visible changes that the 2020 pandemic brought us was the shift to “test optional” policies at many schools across the US.  Nearly 2,000 schools have now instituted this policy based not only on the lack of ability to test during lockdown, but on research showing standardized test scores do not offer […]

Teach Students, Not Subjects

Teach Students, Not Subjects

One of Signet’s core values is “teach students, not subjects.” Discover what this value means to us—and to the students and families who seek our services.

Academic Coaching vs. Teaching: What’s the Difference?

When students struggle with school, they often don’t know who to turn to for support. Can their teachers put them back on track, or might they benefit from a service like academic coaching? What are the differences between academic coaching and teaching in the context of getting students the help they need?    You’ve got […]

College Admissions

College admissions is one of the most important parts of the high school experience. It can also be a significant source of stress for students and their parents—especially as they try to keep up with the many other demands of high school.   First things first: take a deep breath. The journey you’re about to take […]

High School Road Map for Sophomores and Juniors

The most successful high school students have a road map that takes them from the beginning of freshman year through high school graduation. Learn how sophomores and juniors can plan their road maps.

Reflecting on the School Year

Reflecting on the School Year

The end of the school year is an excellent time for students to engage in healthy self-reflection. Learn how to facilitate this process with your teen.

Activities for Teens to Enjoy this Summer

Activities for Teens to Enjoy this Summer

What should your teen read, watch, and listen to this summer? Hint: Signet’s recommendations are based more on pure enjoyment than academic value. See our list.

Does My Student Need a Life Coach?

Does a freshman really have enough life experience to necessitate a life coach? Yes! Learn more about academic coaching—life coaching for teens.

COVID-19 Update

An update on Signet’s new protocols in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Study Like a Valedictorian

What is the best approach to studying effectively? Read on to learn best practices from our very own top-notch tutors!

The Happy B Student

The Happy B Student

Students struggling with perfectionism and the need to get Straight As will benefit from these tips on learning to be a “Happy B Student.”

The Benefits of Taking Breaks

This post is for the students who don’t stop working or experience guilt anytime they close their books. Read on to learn why taking breaks can help high-achieving students reach their fullest potential.

What If I Don’t Know What Field to Pursue in College?

What If I Don’t Know What Field to Pursue in College?

The choices of what to study in college and what subsequent career path to pursue are big decisions, and not to be taken lightly. This blog post is for students who aren’t quite sure of the next step in their journey. Not knowing what you want to do is actually a beautiful thing.

Your Brain’s Secret Weapon

Your Brain’s Secret Weapon

Reflection is transformative—a single skill so powerful that it could transform your life. Read on for how and why.

How Holistic Learning Makes You Happier

How Holistic Learning Makes You Happier

It’s easy for parents and students alike to focus on academic results (grades, test scores, etc.) as evidence of successful learning. But we’d like to present a different way of thinking.

Tips and Tools to Avoid the High School Whirlpool

The high school whirlpool is one of the biggest dangers high schooler face. What do we mean by that? Briefly, the whirlpool means getting sucked into pursuing a high school education that’s focused on the expectations of others rather than what is best for you and your family. Read on to learn more about what it means and how to avoid getting sucked in.